Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Saint Nicholas

Here are Zoey and Jane with Santa at our Ward Christmas Party. No one was scared of him. Jane was pretty interested and Zoey was shy but says she wasn't.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Thanksgiving, etc.

I have been so bad at posting on my blog lately! I apologize to the few who check in on us :) I do appreciate readers though so don't leave!

Everyone in our household is doing well. Things have most definitely been super busy but we are still alive and still love each other :)

For Thanksgiving we had the opportunity to go to Andrew's parents in Utah. While we were there we were able to see and visit with 10 or Andrew's 11 siblings. The only brother we didn't get to see was David who is just older than Andrew. They are living in Independence, MO so the trip wasn't exactly easy but we are hoping to see them around New Years. David and Maren have four of the most adorable little boys ever. We sure miss them. They are also expecting their fifth child in April and just found out it's the little girl they've always wanted! I am so excited for them!!! Anyways, Thanksgiving was very busy and very fun. Zoey was in heaven the whole time, playing from sun up to sun down every minute. I would have to drag her to bed as she cried that she wanted to play with her cousins. As soon as she hit the sack she was completely zonked! The first thing she said when she woke up was "where are my cousins." She sure enjoyed herself :) Jane also had fun playing with cousins her age. It's so fun to see all the babies all around.

Aside from Thanksgiving we have mostly been hanging around the house. There have been lots of babies born in our ward and unfortunately a bad car accident leaving one of our RS sisters pretty banged up and broken. Any prayers for Cassie are greatly appreciated. She has a long recovery ahead of her.

The pictures will show you more of what we're doing around here. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving at Papa's Lot

Some of the few wonderful cooks including the head chef Nannie :)

Cute little Lizzy

Look at these cute little girls :) These cousins sure do love each other

Alisa with her Oldest girl and youngest boy

Some of Zoey's fan club, Savannah and Meagan

James and little Eli. What cuties!

Me and little Janey chowing down on pumpkin bread

Mark, Sarah and 5 of their 7 kids

Jane's always had those dreamy blue them!

Eli and Zoey. They are about 9 months apart.

Mike, Heather and their 8 kids

Nancy Jane just being cute as ever

I think this picture is hilarious for multiple reasons....1) Zoey's pants are on inside out, a normal occurrence in our house (if she even has pants on!) 2) the doll explanation needed and 3) Andrew's face...a normal reaction to our crazy little girl.

pigtails :)

decorating the tree

Jane learned to stand! She is so proud of herself :)

Zoey begged me to "take a smile of my baby" lol