Friday, February 29, 2008

Life in Utah

Since we spend all of our time in Utah, I thought I would share a little of what goes on. I am a full time student and will graduate this April with a BSW (Bachelor's of Social Work). Woohoo, that will be a great day! I work as an intern for the Provo School District where I am a "student advocate" at one of their elementary schools. Andrew is working as a self employed entrepreneur :). He is also slowly working through school on a degree in Psychology. Besides work and school we spend a lot of time with Andrew's family. We are blessed to have 7 of his eleven brothers and sisters and 37 of 51 nieces and nephews within a 30 minute drive. It is always a party! My sister Brittany also lives here in Utah with her husband, Scot. We just started a fun tradition of having Sunday dinners with them as well as Scot's brother Mike. Andrew still has a love for skiing but unfortunately has only been once this season. Maybe someday we'll be rich enough for more of that. We also have just started bowling occasionally which has been tons of fun (even if I can't bowl that great). Other than that we keep busy cleaning, playing, etc.

The good news!

We are expanding our small family from two to three. Getting ready for a new baby has been an exciting transition for us. A couple weeks ago we had an ultrasound and found out that little alien inside of me is actually a human girl! :) What fun! Andrew is so excited as he was hoping for a girl. However, I'm not sure if he totally understands what this little girl entails....lots of shopping for mom and baby! My due date is June 28th which puts me at 23 weeks or almost 6 months. It's taken all those weeks for me to finally start showing...key word "start". I have had a tough time finding maternity clothes that I don't drown in. Thank goodness for Gap jeans and their small/short sizes. Besides the everlasting nausea, pregnancy has been fun and exciting. I'm starting to feel more and more like a mom. Andrew likes feeling the baby kick, which she loves to do. Below are a couple pictures from our journey.

22 weeks