Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hawaii Day 10- Our Last Day

For our last day in Hawaii we first had to check out of our hotel room. Andrew and I went to lunch with a few other members of the family at Benihanas. While we were there, Zoey got to go swimming with Christina and played in the lagoon. We spent the rest of the day down at the beach and had a BBQ that night with the whole family. It was a great end to a dream vacation. I am so grateful I was able to go and can't WAIT to hopefully go back in two years!

Don't you just love Zoey's cute little smile even if she won't look at the camera

Ahhh, this is the LIFE!

I didn't take any pictures while swimming at the pool but this is the pool that we got to swim in. It was a pretty cool one!

Zoey loves her aunt Christina

I don't know what it is about babies but they somehow get cuter and cuter every day! When I look at Jane I can't imagine how another baby could be cuter :)

I even love that double chin :)

Andrew gave Zoey a bath and this is how she came out :)

Family Picture. That sun was SO bright

Last time playing in the sand :(

Most of the group

I love you Nancy Jane!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Hawaii Day 9- Dolphins and Waimea Bay

Well, I'm finally finishing up pictures from Hawaii. There's some good ones! This was the day before we left. It was also the morning that Andrew's sister Christina and her husband Liji arrived from South Korea! They had been there a year and got lucky enough to stop by Hawaii for a vacation on their way home. It was so fun to see them again. They have never seen Jane and of course Zoey had changed so I'm glad we got to spend our last two days with them. Right after seeing them in the morning we went to go see dolphins and played at the nearby beach. Then, we drove out to Waimea Bay which was SO much fun. The beach there gets really deep really fast so it's like a big huge wave pool. There's also cliff jumping there so you can imagine why Andrew wanted to go. The best part however, was snorkeling with the sea turtles! Thanks to Liji for finding them and showing us. I got to swim within a foot of them...way cool! Afterwards we went back to the hotel for Nathan's birthday celebration spaghetti dinner/chocolate cake. That night we also celebrated our 3rd anniversary while ours two girls slept in Christina's hotel room. We walked along the beach and talked as we sat right down by the waves. It was so dreamy :) Then we went to PF Changs and got lettuce wraps (YUM!) and lava flows (a yummy drink.) It was so nice to spend time alone with Andrew.

Jane's saying "uh, mom, anyone...can I get some help over here." Poor Jane, she gets this ALL the time....Zoey puts all her weight on Jane and says "ooooohhhh, hugs, I love you Jane, oohhhhh" (the ohhh sound is her giving her a hug, she learned it from us :)

Right when Christina arrived from Korea

A pretty beach by the hotel with the dolphins

We got there right in time for their feeding time so she had them do some tricks just for us. It was pretty cool!

Zoey likes sitting in little holes just her size :)

Daddy and Zoey looking at the other sea animals (turtles, sting rays, fish, etc.)

Love this cute picture of Zoey and cousin James. Can you tell they're related :)

Zoey gathered up all the fallen Hawaiin plumerias

Zoey loves to observe things

Sea turtles!

Andrew with the sea turtle (I'm right by him just not in the picture)

One of the only family pictures where everyone's eyes are showing...why does it have to be in my swim suit :(

Crazy waves!

about to jump...

beautiful sunset!

video of the cliff jumping at Waimea Bay

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Best Dad in the World

Happy Father's Day to the best dad in the world!
Pictures speak a thousand words. I am so thankful for Andrew as a husband and as an amazing father to our cute little girls. WE LOVE YOU!

These pictures start with the most recent and descend down to when Zoey was a baby....however, I put all the pictures of Jane and Andrew next to corresponding pictures of Zoey and'll figure it out :)

Dad and the girls in Hawaii

Dad and the girls when Jane was 2 weeks old.

Dad and Zoey (23 months) in Hawaii (June 2010)

Dad and Zoey (21 months) at Bear World (April 2010)

Dad and Zoey (21 months) building a snowman (April 2010)

Daddy and Zoey (18 months) Christmas 2009

Daddy and Zoey (15 months) chillin on the couch

Daddy and Zoey (14 months) in David's pool in AZ

Daddy and Zoey (13 months) at the Beach in CA

Daddy and Zoey (13 months) at the LA temple

Daddy and Zoey in a bag (11 months)

Daddy and Zoey (11 months) camping in CO

Daddy and Zoey (10 months) playing the guitar

Daddy and Zoey (9 months) playing the piano.

Daddy and Zoey (9 months) at the playground.

Daddy and Zoey (6 months) at the duckpond in Ely, NV

Daddy and Zoey (6 months) when we lived with Grandpa Kenyon

Daddy and Zoey (5 months) Christmas is CA 2008

Daddy and Jane (5 months)

Daddy and Zoey (5 months)

Daddy and Jane (4 months)

Daddy and Zoey (4 months)

Daddy and Jane (3 months)

Daddy and Zoey (3 months)

Daddy and Jane (2 months)

Daddy and Zoey (2 months)

Daddy and Jane (2 months)

Daddy and Zoey (2 months old)

Daddy and Jane (a few days old)

Daddy and Zoey (1 month)

Daddy and Jane (almost 1 month)

Daddy and Zoey (1 month)

Daddy and Jane (1 hour old)

Daddy and Zoey (3 days old)