Friday, March 28, 2008

27 weeks

Here is yet another picture of me and my belly.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Andrew and Hockey

So, I meant to post this awhile ago but haven't gotten around to it until now. Andrew and three of his brothers/in-laws all signed up for an adult ice hockey league a few months ago. They've had a few games, but this last one was the first one I was able to make it to. Andrew had told me ahead of time that they weren't allowed to do the "checking" that you see in a lot of hockey games. I was under the impression that it was all just for fun....little did I know how wrong I was. The team they were playing was supposedly pretty good as they had all played togehter awhile and had special black personalized jerseys. Andrew's team had only lost one game this season and it was to this team. The game started off good, but as time went on this "really good" team started playing really rough and cheap as they had yet to score a goal. During the game there were five main events that I wanted to note...

One: Marshall, our brother-in-law scored two of their goals!

Two: Andrew scored his first goal!!! woopee I was such a proud wife (did I mention I was surrounded by the opposing teams wives)

Three: Andrew had started playing rough back and noticed another guy skating in towards him as he had the puck. Assuming it was the other team, Andrew braced himself and went in for a hit. Andrew glanced over as the guy he hit flew across the ice and noticed it was his own brother, Phillip! He felt so bad as Phillip flew into the side with his legs buckling up over him. Luckily Phillip was okay and we all had a good laugh about it later.

Four: Towards the end of the game, an opposing player was roughing with Andrew and eventually Andrew checked him. The other guy got really mad and wanted to fight Andrew (I just know Andrew would've won:) After some colorful words (not by Andrew of course) they were both thrown into the penalty box! At this point in the game I was thinking... "andrew NEVER told me that he got in trouble during the games too!" Luckily I found out later that this game was unlike any they had ever played.

Five: Unfortunately, Phillip was the victim of one of the opposing teams cheap shots and got his chin split open, eeks it looked pretty bad but he is fine now.

After all was said and done, Andrew's team all went home winners with a score of 5 to ZIP! I guess those hot shots weren't all that great were they?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring is finally here!

There have been several events leading up to this post and the change in my backgrounds. One of course was Easter which was a very nice break for us. A couple others were the extremely nice weather we've been having and my excitement for graduation in exactly one month! So...Easter...when my parents first started having their kids move to Utah (2002) Easter was a difficult holiday to get together for. Having grandparents just a few hours away in Nevada made it an invitinng alternative for us college kids. This year we made some last minute plans with my sister and her husband to travel over to their house once again for Easter Sunday. Having a decently flexible schedule with homeschooling and older children also made it possible for the rest of my family (minus Breanna:( not so flexible schedule at Chapman Law School) to make it up there as well. Our events consisted my very old and frail grandparents house, making some very delicious dinners, taking a trip downtown to the soda fountain, playing games, setting out Easter baskets, dying easter eggs, making and painting paper mashae (sp?) easter baskets, going to church, having an easter egg hunt, an easter lesson, and let's not forget the boys basketball games which took up the majority of Saturday. Needless to say we all enjoyed ourselves and hopefully helped our grandparents just a little. My grandparents are both very old and I am thankful for the time I get to spend with them. I'll make sure to post some fun pictures of our exciting weekend as soon as I get them.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Just wanted to let everyone know that we hope you have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Baby Pack N Play

For Christmas, Nanny (Andrew's mom) got us a neutral colored bassinet but said that if we are having a girl there was another one she wanted us to get. So, since we are having a girl, we returned the cute bassinet and got a brown and pink pack n play. I was so excited (a little too excited) that I set it up yesterday just for fun :)

Another Pregnant Picture

Here I am at 24 weeks or 6 months.

Cute Nieces

The other day two of my nieces were looking exceptionally cute in their pink PJ's. Katie and Savannah

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Shopping for the little one

So, I know this post is a little silly, but I'm a first time mom and a first time blogger so give me a break. I'm getting excited for my baby what can I say. Anyways, my mother-in-law, my mom, and other family have already gotten me a few things for the baby which are all very cute. However, it wasn't until just yesterday that I got MY first baby outfit for the little girl. I think it got me excited because it's like the first official thing I've gotten for my baby. It made things more real I guess :) So, I posted a picture of it; babygap newborn size. I'll have her stylin the moment she comes out :)