Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Blessings

Happy Easter to all. These cute little faces remind me each day of the light of Christ and how it shines in our lives.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Rainy Day

Today was a beautiful rainy day here! My sister sent the funnest rain coats for the kids and they were dying to try them out. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Despite my absence, I still wanted to share a little collage I made of our Valentine's day yesterday. Maybe this will help jump start my little lonely blog once again. We sure do love our cute little Valentine's :)

Valentine's day, Zoey helped me design her Owl Valentine cards and I made Jane's for her. I even made Tommy one single Valentine that he gave to a little girl from church. We got lots of treats and goodies from family and friends and even threw a Valentine's party for a few of Zoey and Jane's little friends. Andrew was of course a sweetheart and though we didn't get to go out alone, he made sure I felt loved and we pigged out on lots of candy and some divine cupcakes. Happy Valentines day to you all!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Updated Kids Pictures

Have you ever tried getting a decent picture of three young children? Let me tell you, it's TOUGH! I thought two was doesn't even compare. I've made two separate attempts the past couple month to get a cute/semi-decent picture of my kids with my own camera. It took a LOT of energy and a LOT of time and nothing really turned out. I've decided now that the only way I'm going to get a decent picture of all my children is to have a professional do it (for now at least). They have the proper equipment, the proper lighting and they are a new face that kids usually listen to better than their mom. Both my girls did really well and smiled on cue etc. so that was great. Thomas was a little monkey all over the place, but luckily they were able to capture some split second moments that looked cute. I was especially happy that we got Jane to smile because she has such a sweet smile. Anyways, here they are. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thomas' Big Number 1!!!

Little Tommy Boy had his first birthday last Sunday! He was adorable. He's such a big boy and developing such a personality, especially when his sisters are bugging him. We had a small dinner/party for him here at home with some of his cousins. The main event was most definitely the cake! He LOVED it. He's been the best 1st birthday cake eater that we've had so far in our family. The girls were so delicate and hesitant, but Thomas knew exactly what he wanted and boy did he want it. It was also so fun to watch him with his presents. He got some fun balls and a bat and baseball toy. He's never used a bat before but the second he pulled it out he knew exactly how it was supposed to be used. He started wacking the baseball immediately. It was so funny! What a little boy we have and I love it! He's also really into pushing things across the floor. If it rolls/moves he pushes it :) So, I'd say it was a successful first birthday. We had lots of fun with our little guy.

So handsome in his little church outfit!

He LOVES balls so I did a few little sports decorations.


The cake....

What a cute little mess!

Not the clearest picture but it shows how much he loved his bat .

Just pushing his car

Some of his presents

Cute little boy birthday cards.

Zoey's Big 4 Year Old Birthday

Well, if you haven't noticed already my blog here has been lacking. The main reason is time. I've been devoting most of my extra time to my new website If you haven't already visited, go right ahead. You can follow it on the site or follow my facebook page to get updates that way.

But, I will still be updating this blog with main events, etc. The biggest news recently has been two birthdays in our family. Zoey's was first at the beginning of July. My mom was able to come visit us too so she was able to be here for her birthday! We did a butterfly birthday theme (see more details on my other site) and had lots of fun! Zoey had a family dinner/party and then later a friend party. She's made lots of friends since we've been here in MO. There's a plethora of girls around her age in our church so that's been great. Enjoy the pictures.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sweet Nancy Jane

My little Nancy Jane is growing up so quickly! She's almost two and a half and has been such a blessing to our family. I am constantly thinking about how sweet and adorable she is and wanted to share a little about her recently.

Jane says really cute things. Some of my favorites, she calls the dishwasher the "laundry", orange juice or any juice is "orange", nightgown is "night-down" (she gets that from zoey). She always reminds us to say the prayer. She loves soft blankies cuddled up to her face, specifically a grungy pink one but we are weaning her from that. Jane loves to copy Zoey which is cute but causes problems as well. She takes naps so easily and many times prefers to sit on her bed and relax during the day. She's an awesome eater, still loves salad and basically anything. She's also such a sweet and loving big sister to Thomas and he loves her. She's now completely potty trained day and night. She finally got her lower lateral incisors that most kids get before age 1. Then today I noticed one of her lower canines popping through. It's pretty cute that she gets all excited when I show her her new teeth. We are definitely late bloomers with teething in our family! We just can't get enough of our little Janey. One of my favorite things is when she wakes up before Zoey and comes into my bed and cuddles with me..LOVE that cuddle time! Love you miss Nancy Jane!