Monday, June 18, 2012

Sweet Nancy Jane

My little Nancy Jane is growing up so quickly! She's almost two and a half and has been such a blessing to our family. I am constantly thinking about how sweet and adorable she is and wanted to share a little about her recently.

Jane says really cute things. Some of my favorites, she calls the dishwasher the "laundry", orange juice or any juice is "orange", nightgown is "night-down" (she gets that from zoey). She always reminds us to say the prayer. She loves soft blankies cuddled up to her face, specifically a grungy pink one but we are weaning her from that. Jane loves to copy Zoey which is cute but causes problems as well. She takes naps so easily and many times prefers to sit on her bed and relax during the day. She's an awesome eater, still loves salad and basically anything. She's also such a sweet and loving big sister to Thomas and he loves her. She's now completely potty trained day and night. She finally got her lower lateral incisors that most kids get before age 1. Then today I noticed one of her lower canines popping through. It's pretty cute that she gets all excited when I show her her new teeth. We are definitely late bloomers with teething in our family! We just can't get enough of our little Janey. One of my favorite things is when she wakes up before Zoey and comes into my bed and cuddles with me..LOVE that cuddle time! Love you miss Nancy Jane!


Laura said...

She is adorable! You are so good with their hair! You'll have to give me some pointers!

breanna said...

I miss Nancy Jane!