Sunday, July 31, 2011

The first week with baby Thomas

Things have been busy/good with the arrival of our baby brother. I haven't had much time to blog but everything has been great. We were blessed with a quick and easy induction Friday morning, July 22nd. It only took 5 hours. That put Thomas 5 days overdue which really wasn't too bad for me. My mom was able to come up a few days before he came and stayed with us until just this past Thursday. It was really nice having her around to help with the girls, meals, cleaning, organizing, etc. I'm so grateful for her! On Thursday our nephew Tyler got married and we made the trip to UT to be there for that special occasion/sealing. I got lucky once again to have my mom around to watch the girls and Thomas so I could attend the sealing. She carpooled down to Salt Lake with us and watched them in the waiting room so it all worked out great. Thomas just slept the whole 2 hours. So many people thought I was crazy making the trip down but I knew it would be a rare opportunity to have all of Andrew's immediate family in the temple at the same time. With 12 children all grown up and married there are few times when they are all together let alone able to be in the temple at the same time. This was our first nephew to be married and it worked out so that all 12 children could be there for it. It was a really neat experience being in the sealing room together with such a great family. Anyways, we've just been hanging out at Andrew's parents house in Lindon since then and it's been fun to be around family.

Thomas has done wonderfully through all of this. I honestly don't know how I have managed to get such good newborns. Thomas had about two or three fussy nights when he was first born but immediately started sleeping in pretty long stretches. It's been wonderful. Sometimes he only wakes up once. It's helped me to actually feel like I got some sleep when I get up in the morning. Nursing has been a breeze. I really think it's because it's my third and I know what I'm doing. It's gotten easier with each baby. I'm not exactly sure how much weight he's gaining but I'll find out at his two week appointment. I've had to supplement a little with both Zoey and Jane and I think I may have to with Thomas too. I'm ok with whatever. I've already given him a couple of bottles and he's done great with them. I think it's important to start them on bottles early because they take to them better then waiting until they're older. He's definitely not a fussy baby and sleeps most of the day away. He's extremely adorable with great coloring. He's also a blond, not really any red. Here are a few more pictures, just some of my favorites from this past week.

First family picture with baby Thomas.

Right after Thomas came into the world.

These girlies really love their baby brother

All ready to go home :)

Jane will now smile on command and I love her cute little scrunchy face and eyes.

Zoey really loves holding Thomas and is constantly saying "I love my baby brother BERRY much." It's pretty cute watching her with him.

Cute little profile shot.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thomas Ammon Olsen

I'll update more info and pictures later. Here's just a short post. Thomas Ammon Olsen came into the world on Friday July 22nd at 2:07pm. He weighed 7 lbs 8 oz and was 19 inches long. We sure are glad to have him here. I just love the feeling he brings to our growing family. Things feel so right with him in our home. He looks a lot like Zoey did as a newborn which is fun. He has pretty blond hair (what hair he actually has) so that's fun too. Both sisters are loving him especially little Nancy Jane.

All ready to go home

Our family on the way home last night.

Beautiful Baby Boy.

Grammy and her 1st grandson.

Me and my little boy :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

4 Day Late :)

Today I am 4 days past my due date. I'm honestly not super unhappy or anxious or uncomfortable. I know weird. I think people think I'm more miserable and anxious than I really am. Don't worry guys, for some reason this time around I'm much more patient. I had my doctors appointment yesterday and everything was fine. The baby is just snug as a bug waiting. I had my doctor check my cervix and I am 3-4 cm dilated which is awesome compared to last weeks 1 cm. I am also 80% effaced so that's great news too. Last week I was only 50%. My doctor doesn't normally advise cervical exams or stripping your membranes. He has pretty valid points that cervical exams don't really tell you much (which is true) and stripping your membranes statistically doesn't really help unless you're already going into labor (probably true as well.) I appreciate that he is so down to earth and I also like that even though he feels that way he will honor whatever requests I have. So, while normally he wouldn't check my cervix I had him check both last week and this week (mostly out of curiosity.) I also requested that he strip my membranes yesterday just because I wanted to try everything natural I could before they induced me. So, my membranes are stripped and I also have a highly favorable bishops score (an 8) which is what they use to see whether you are a good candidate for induction. That made me happy. The biggest concern I had was that I would have to be induced when I wasn't dilated. I know in many cases those labors are very long and tiring and possibly end in a C-section since it's all synthetic labor. I was happy to hear that at least my body was on it's way. I don't really have a problem with the medications (pitocin, etc.) My other issue with an induction was that I would be forcing the baby out when he was still small and not quite ready. Now, since I am over my due date I am pretty sure he'll be ok both developmentally and weight-wise. I don't want to risk complications with my placenta wearing away causing him to starve and the doctor says one of the biggest problems with overdue babies is their size (fractures as they are pushed out or 3-4 degree tears.) I'm not too worried about the size since both the girls were fairly average/small. Anyways, enough about all that. I'm hoping to go into labor on my own still but if I need to be induced I'm ok with it too at this point. Keep checking back for updates :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Just Playing the Waiting Game

Well, I'm not sure what I've already written on this blog but here's the latest.....a big.fat.nothing. :( Sorry to report there is no sign of baby coming. I wasn't dilated last week and I don't feel any different this week. My due date was yesterday and on Wednesday my doctor wants me to pick an induction date no later than 41 weeks (Sunday.) I've been pretty ok with waiting but I have to admit, each day gets a little bit harder. I'm still no where near as anxious as I was with Zoey and Jane but there's definitely some anxiety there. Mostly, I really wanted to have this baby on my own without an induction so that's what makes me most anxious. I really don't want to have a long, slow, painful, non-progressive labor. I'm afraid if I were to be induced that's what will happen. I was induced with Jane but I started out at 3cm dilated with some contractions. If I have an induction starting at 1 cm and no contractions, I think it will be a much longer process. So, I'm really hoping that things will really get going in the next two days to avoid being induced. An suggestions? I just went to three different stores looking for primrose oil and no luck....stinky Rexburg :( I'm afraid to try castor oil. I'll welcome all suggestions. I already know the obvious one...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Some cute Jane stories

(picture is from the 4th of July)

My little Nancy Jane really knows how to melt your heart :) I don't know how she does it but she does. Lately I've been really wondering what things will be like for her when this baby brother comes along. I know for a fact it will be a lot different than how Zoey was with Jane. When Jane was born Zoey was just in love with her and thought she was her baby doll. There was literally no jealousy and she was almost always super soft and cute with her. I wasn't surprised. Jane, however has a completely different personality and just seems more like a baby even though the age gap between Zoey and Jane is the same as Jane and this baby. I can't really imagine how Jane will react but I think she'll have some real adjusting to do. We don't really baby her but lately she has really wanted to be held (by anyone that will hold her since I usually wont/cant.) She is also much more cuddly than Zoey ever was. I also just feel like Zoey was much more grown up somehow. Maybe because she talked so much by that age.

Anyways, today was kind of a fun day with Jane. Late in the afternoon we sat down to watch a movie and relax. Jane kept cuddling up to me until she finally fell asleep (doesn't happen often at all.) I loved it and just tried to keep her there as long as I could because I knew she wasn't going to be my baby for long. It was pretty hard (as any 40 week pregnant mom can imagine) to be in pretty much the same position for an hour with a sleeping child on your belly but I really enjoyed it :) After a while Zoey did something mean and got put in her room where she fell asleep on her bed. Jane and I got some alone time which was fun. There are two cute stories that probably only a mother (and maybe only me) could appreciate. So, sorry if I bore all the rest of you.

First, I walked down the hall and was observing Jane as she walks over to the kitchen rag drawer and pulls out a rag. She brings it back to her play area where she had spilled a few dribbles of milk on her toy and the carpet. I just smiled as I watched her clean up her mess all by herself. I realized that she is really growing up even though she still seems so babyish.

The second story was when we went outside. I took her outside for a short walk with her little push cart. She led the way strutting as she pushed her little cart along the sidewalk. Just a minute or so after we get outside she stops, lets go of her push cart, turns around and starts heading back to the apartment. I asked her what she was doing and she looks at me as she's pointing to our apartment and says "zo, zo." It is still pretty hard to understand her words but I knew that she was saying "Zoey" and I knew that she stopped her little walk because she realized Zoey was not there with her. It really melted my heart. What a cute little girl.

My little Nancy Jane is really growing up quickly even in just the last week. I know she'll have some adjusting to do once her little brother arrives but I do think she'll be a great older sister. Love you Janey!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Still Waiting

Just in case anyone is checking this to see baby updates, I am still waiting with no end in sight :) Well, my doctor will let me go to 41 weeks before he will insist on an induction. So, worst case scenario, our little guy will be here around July 24th. I really hope he decides to come on his own but we will see. I still have plenty of things to do to get ready for him so I'm not necessarily in a rush. I saved everything for the last few weeks so that I didn't have to be as anxious. So far it's working pretty well. Keep checking back for more.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Baby Boy Stuff

I have been so blessed with friends and family who have generously donated to the Baby Boy Olsen fund. We have received so many gifts including two hand me down car seats that are in great condition. It's so fun to go through all the new baby boy stuff as I anticipate his arrival. Below are just a few of the many things we received. It's fun to imagine wrapping this little boy in these super soft blankies or dressing him up in the adorable outfits. Thank you again to everyone. We love you all.

From left to right
Light and navy blue outfit: Most likely baby's coming home outfit (I love the little knit hat that Kylie in my ward made. It goes perfectly :)
White and baby blue striped outfit: my friend Ashlyne gave this to me. I really like the colors and how soft and breathable it is.
Blue plaid outfit: I really like these onesie type outfits. Perfect for summer.

From left to right:
Two burp clothes: My sister-in-law Serena got these for me along with the blue and brown blanket on the right. They are so soft and I love the colors and patterns.
Two ADORABLE ties: A friend in my ward, Pam made these. She is SO talented. You can't see al the details in this picture but they are really well made with lining and everything. The fabric is very nice tie quality and I love the colors and patterns. Can't wait to dress this little boy up :)
Blue and brown blanket: This is the other thing that my sis-in-law Serena gave me.
Baby blue blanket (background): I just LOVE the baby blues and this blanky is super soft.

Can't wait for this little guy to make his arrival! He's already super spoiled.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More Pregnant Stuff

I go in for my 38 1/2 week appointment tomorrow morning. I don't expect anything to change and probably won't post anything unless it's out of the ordinary. I'm growing bigger by the minute it feels like. All the aches and pains are just getting worse and worse.

Reasons I'm excited to have my body back...
-no more rib/ligament inflammation. I won't have to carry around an ice pack anymore.
-no more light headedness. I get it when I am on my feet too much.
-no more swollen ankles and legs. I've been able to leave finger prints for some time now...I know I think that's gross too.
-no more heart burn, not the biggest problem but I am definitely looking forward to it.
-I can sleep on my tummy!!! This is always the best feeling.
-I'll be able to breathe all the way.
-no more tightness across my belly from all the annoying layers of clothing/maternity panels, etc.
-my clothes will be able to fit better.
-No more pressure
-my internal organs will have plenty of room to be free. I feel extremely squished right now.

I've never felt so ready to have my body back. This third baby really took things to a new level as far as comfort and pain. I also can't wait to meet him but my thoughts right now are honestly more focused on myself and having an un-pregnated body. I know it sounds selfish but I cannot wait! I'm not completely ready for the baby to come. I still need to organize clothes and baby stuff. I want to set up his little corner in our office and I want to get our house in order. Maybe if I do that he'll decide to come :)

Happy Birthday Zoey!