Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More Pregnant Stuff

I go in for my 38 1/2 week appointment tomorrow morning. I don't expect anything to change and probably won't post anything unless it's out of the ordinary. I'm growing bigger by the minute it feels like. All the aches and pains are just getting worse and worse.

Reasons I'm excited to have my body back...
-no more rib/ligament inflammation. I won't have to carry around an ice pack anymore.
-no more light headedness. I get it when I am on my feet too much.
-no more swollen ankles and legs. I've been able to leave finger prints for some time now...I know I think that's gross too.
-no more heart burn, not the biggest problem but I am definitely looking forward to it.
-I can sleep on my tummy!!! This is always the best feeling.
-I'll be able to breathe all the way.
-no more tightness across my belly from all the annoying layers of clothing/maternity panels, etc.
-my clothes will be able to fit better.
-No more pressure
-my internal organs will have plenty of room to be free. I feel extremely squished right now.

I've never felt so ready to have my body back. This third baby really took things to a new level as far as comfort and pain. I also can't wait to meet him but my thoughts right now are honestly more focused on myself and having an un-pregnated body. I know it sounds selfish but I cannot wait! I'm not completely ready for the baby to come. I still need to organize clothes and baby stuff. I want to set up his little corner in our office and I want to get our house in order. Maybe if I do that he'll decide to come :)

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Laura said...

I remember thinking those same things with Lilly; that I wasn't ready for her to be here yet but that I wanted to be able to feel healthy and not in pain anymore! Don't worry, he will come and then you'll be so busy with loving your kids that days will fly by!
You are such a wonderful mommy to your kids! Much love to you Cort!