Monday, July 18, 2011

Just Playing the Waiting Game

Well, I'm not sure what I've already written on this blog but here's the latest.....a big.fat.nothing. :( Sorry to report there is no sign of baby coming. I wasn't dilated last week and I don't feel any different this week. My due date was yesterday and on Wednesday my doctor wants me to pick an induction date no later than 41 weeks (Sunday.) I've been pretty ok with waiting but I have to admit, each day gets a little bit harder. I'm still no where near as anxious as I was with Zoey and Jane but there's definitely some anxiety there. Mostly, I really wanted to have this baby on my own without an induction so that's what makes me most anxious. I really don't want to have a long, slow, painful, non-progressive labor. I'm afraid if I were to be induced that's what will happen. I was induced with Jane but I started out at 3cm dilated with some contractions. If I have an induction starting at 1 cm and no contractions, I think it will be a much longer process. So, I'm really hoping that things will really get going in the next two days to avoid being induced. An suggestions? I just went to three different stores looking for primrose oil and no luck....stinky Rexburg :( I'm afraid to try castor oil. I'll welcome all suggestions. I already know the obvious one...

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