Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Zoey learns to write her name

Things to watch for...
-Bug Eyes at approx. 1:55, 2:33, and 3:03
-2:13 Cute Thomas squeals

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Big Little Boy

It's crazy how quickly time passes with these little ones. My little baby boy is already 7 months old..almost 8! It really seems like he was just born and here he is almost crawling. I really do love to see their progressions but a part of me just wishes they could be a newborn for at least the first year. It's such a precious and special time in life. The dynamics between Thomas and his sisters is just awesome, I feel blessed that from the start they have done nothing but love and adore him. When Jane is having a tough time emotionally, one of the only things that gets her to stop crying is to bring Thomas over to her. It's really cute. I'm sure there will be fights along the way but I am so grateful for the love he brings to our family.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


We have officially moved to MO! Huge changes for us but nice to be settled into our own place. We live in Independence and are liking it so far. It helps to have nieces and nephews and in-laws here to keep entertained. Andrew started a business here with his brother and nephew to help build up local businesses through website presence online. It's in the works and we're really excited for it! If anyone needs a good, customized website let us know!

Update on the kids:
Zoey: growing up so fast! I can't believe she'll be starting kindergarten next calendar year (2013!!!) crazy crazy crazy! I'll say it again, crazy! She's learning her letters (I know I'm slacking but I honestly don't care, whats the benefit to learning your letters when you're 2 as opposed to 3 or 4?). She's also really taken a liking to cleaning up. That's been awesome. She gets more and more independent each day. Gets herself dressed, plays by herself, cleans up her dinner plate, etc.

Jane: day one of potty training started today...wish me luck :) She is my little cuddle buddy, many times a day she will come up to me with the best hug and declare "I love you mommy". Melts my heart every time, I love it!

Thomas: 7 months! He has mastered sitting up (with the occasional tumble). He's getting up on all fours almost ready to crawl! Unfortunately he still spits up...a lot :( I've tried every type of formula in every brand and nothing works..any suggestions? It doesn't affect his health or weight or happiness but it can sure be frustrating for the momma (extra laundry, scrubbing floors/blankets, endless changes of clothes, dealing with people yelling out to me in public "he barfed!!!".....whew! Gets tiring). On a lighter note, he's an extremely happy baby with TONS of personality. We live him so much!