Wednesday, September 23, 2009


We have had a few birthday celebrations in the past month. One was Karlie's 17th!! I made her a "bomb" cake. It was a double fudge cake triple combo with moose tracks ice cream layered on top, topped with a light drizzle of chocolate, sprinkled with a huge load of butterfinger crunch......that was Andrew's interpretation as he is watching me type.
You get the idea, it was delicious.

The last one was Andrew's on Sept. 7th. We were in AZ visiting David and Maren and Maren made a very yummy pumpkin cheesecake! We also went to Texas roadhouse and had them do their birthday "holla." He had to sit on a saddle while our waitress hollered a bunch of shinannagins about his was really funny.

Then there was my birthday on the 25th. We went out to eat at Olive garden, I got to go shopping and Andrew made me a delicious cake, funfetti my fav. with strawberry icing and sigar sprinkles...yum!

LA family temple trip

While in California last month we had the opportunity to go to the LA temple. I love this temple and it was only my second time through, the first being my very first temple experience. Karlie and Dallin watched Zoey outside while we were inside. Poor little girl got sunburnt pretty bad, that darn overcast! It was a great experience. We didn't have a picture taker so Scot and my mom switched off. The picture below is missing Scot...sorry :( The rest of the pictures are what went on while Zoey was being babysat...

I love this little girls profile, I think the new baby will have a similar one.

poor Zoey got attacked by cheez-its :)

The culprit...shoud've known something like this was bound to happen :)

Family Pictures

My brother Dustin left on his mission to Texas the middle of August. The week before he left we were all in CA at the same time for one day so we got some snapshots after sacrament meeting.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Crazy Boys

When the Olsen boys get together there's no telling...David's 5.5 ft. pool was just too tempting
The Flip...

and more crazy stunts

Even Dallin learned some new tricks after watching his dad and uncle.

Oh boy, they can't be stopped

Sand Caves

We took a quick last minute trip to visit Andrew's brother and his family in Arizona. On the way there we stopped at some sand caves right outside of Kanab.

Here's a cool picture Andrew took.

The walls were all made of sand and it rubbed away if you touched it. There were thousands of names rubbed into the walls so I contributed. Can you see them?

I love these cute little handprints of Zoey's!