Monday, January 31, 2011

Jane's 1st Birthday! Part I

Jane got to celebrate an early birthday over Christmas in CA. It was really fun to have my family there and watch cute little Nancy Jane open her presents and eat her cake.

Playing with a fun present!

We love this cute little interactive kitchen.

She really liked opening the bags :)

and yaking the tissue paper out :)

My little sister Karlie and I

the end result...we helped her a little lol

Happy Birthday Janey!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Baby #3!

We will be adding another cute little bundle of joy to our family. He/she will be arriving the end of July. The baby is growing healthy and strong and in a few weeks we'll know the gender! I love finding out :) I'm sure everyone is just as nosey as me and wants to know the age difference. Jane and Baby#3 will be exactly as far apart as Zoey and Jane....about 18 1/2 months apart. I'm a little worried and nervous to become a mommy of three but I know we will all adjust and grow in just the right ways. I love that this baby will be coming in July. Zoey was born July 1st and it was so nice to not have to worry about the sicknesses and be able to take my baby out. I think it made for a much healthier Zoey and a less crazy momma. Having Jane in January was tough. I definitely got the winter baby blues. Summers here in ID can't really be classified as horrible and hot. They are actually extremely pleasant and beautiful. It will be a perfect time to welcome this little one into the world. Being pregnant during the summer never worries me here. Maybe if I were back in So. Cal. or somewhere like Vegas or Arizona I would be thinking differently.

My pregnancy so far has been pretty average compared to my last two. Zoey's was by far the worst with horrible nausea that landed me in the hospital more than once. Jane's was more mild than Zoey's although still consisted of many wasted meals (if you know what I mean :) This pregnancy is a lot like Jane's however most of my judgement is based on how many times I throw up lol. It's hard to notice/remember any other symptom when all you feel is nauseous! I am definitely popping out much sooner than with little Janey. With each baby I start showing earlier and earlier but I figure this is pretty normal as the uterus is already stretched and ready to go :) I definitely have a lot LESS energy than I remember with the last two. I'm sure everyone will agree it's because there are two little babies already running around the house! I have to admit that I really don't enjoy being pregnant. I am hoping this goes by as quickly as it did with Jane. I am already anxious to meet him/her!

Oh and I am guessing this is another girl...but would really LOVE a little mister :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CHRISTMAS at last!

Well, this is what happens when you stay away from your blog too long. I'm not even sure I've ever uploaded this many pictures in one blog so hopefully you all will still be able to enjoy them :) We went to CA for christmas this time and it was really fun. We were able to also be in UT with Andrew's family on the way down and a couple days on the way back. The girls were very spoiled the whole time and loved spending time with the aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandmas and grandpas.

Having fun on the hammock out back.

Jane loved sitting in the present boxes. It was pretty funny especially when she couldn't get out so she would just sit there :)

On Christmas Eve Chef Zoey and Breanna made a yummy banana with peanut butter and raisins. Zoey was pretty proud!

Christmas Eve Jammies

Zoey's Christmas Eve jammies.

We had white Christmas down in Southern Ca with lots of fog that morning. This is Zoey checking it out.

Janie's present from Santa. She looked SO cute walking around with it.

Zoey eating Santa's leftovers :) She was pretty excited about it.

Christmas morning breakfast...eggs, ham, coffee cake, slushy oj, etc.

Zoey bringing Grampa his stocking

Jane's stocking

We love undies!

Nancy Jane got a pear in her stocking. She LOVED it and munched on it for quite some time. It was really cute.

Still going at it...

Jane's baba from her stocking :) pretty cute watching her suck on it. Don't worry she only got it for like a minute.

Watching the Nativity movie

Just a cute Zoey face.

Present time!

Perfect present for these little Idaho spuds

Jane loved hanging out with Breanna and Scott.

LOVE her smile. Melts my heart.

my silly daughter

Look at that Christmas mess!

Christmas Sunday (day after) My mom made the girls dresses and did such a good job!

I don't remember this picture being taken but I think it's fun.

just another Zoey face yet again

Karlie was swinging the girls in the hammocks and Jane fell asleep. I think it's really sweet.

LOVE her eyes and cheeks!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Love my Girls

I am delaying posting about Christmas because it will take so long. For now, I will just post a couple cute pictures of the girlies.

Just a cute picture of Jane. I realize there's a huge scratch below her eye. Poor girl scratched herself in her bed :(

A fun water toy Zoey and Jane got from Grammy and Grampa. They played with it all day long.

Jane was a little sick the other day and was extra cuddly. I loved it 99% of the time. For the 1% I resorted to giving her a bath so I could have a break (you can see her eyes are red from crying. Looks cute with her big smile.)

Today Zoey was playing with baby dolls like most days. She sure does take good care of them. After they were all fed with their very own bowl and spoon they got a "toy" as you could see here. I thought it was another meal but when I asked Zoey what her babies were doing she said "they're playing with toys." She'll be a great mom someday!