Thursday, January 6, 2011

Love my Girls

I am delaying posting about Christmas because it will take so long. For now, I will just post a couple cute pictures of the girlies.

Just a cute picture of Jane. I realize there's a huge scratch below her eye. Poor girl scratched herself in her bed :(

A fun water toy Zoey and Jane got from Grammy and Grampa. They played with it all day long.

Jane was a little sick the other day and was extra cuddly. I loved it 99% of the time. For the 1% I resorted to giving her a bath so I could have a break (you can see her eyes are red from crying. Looks cute with her big smile.)

Today Zoey was playing with baby dolls like most days. She sure does take good care of them. After they were all fed with their very own bowl and spoon they got a "toy" as you could see here. I thought it was another meal but when I asked Zoey what her babies were doing she said "they're playing with toys." She'll be a great mom someday!

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