Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CHRISTMAS at last!

Well, this is what happens when you stay away from your blog too long. I'm not even sure I've ever uploaded this many pictures in one blog so hopefully you all will still be able to enjoy them :) We went to CA for christmas this time and it was really fun. We were able to also be in UT with Andrew's family on the way down and a couple days on the way back. The girls were very spoiled the whole time and loved spending time with the aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandmas and grandpas.

Having fun on the hammock out back.

Jane loved sitting in the present boxes. It was pretty funny especially when she couldn't get out so she would just sit there :)

On Christmas Eve Chef Zoey and Breanna made a yummy banana with peanut butter and raisins. Zoey was pretty proud!

Christmas Eve Jammies

Zoey's Christmas Eve jammies.

We had white Christmas down in Southern Ca with lots of fog that morning. This is Zoey checking it out.

Janie's present from Santa. She looked SO cute walking around with it.

Zoey eating Santa's leftovers :) She was pretty excited about it.

Christmas morning breakfast...eggs, ham, coffee cake, slushy oj, etc.

Zoey bringing Grampa his stocking

Jane's stocking

We love undies!

Nancy Jane got a pear in her stocking. She LOVED it and munched on it for quite some time. It was really cute.

Still going at it...

Jane's baba from her stocking :) pretty cute watching her suck on it. Don't worry she only got it for like a minute.

Watching the Nativity movie

Just a cute Zoey face.

Present time!

Perfect present for these little Idaho spuds

Jane loved hanging out with Breanna and Scott.

LOVE her smile. Melts my heart.

my silly daughter

Look at that Christmas mess!

Christmas Sunday (day after) My mom made the girls dresses and did such a good job!

I don't remember this picture being taken but I think it's fun.

just another Zoey face yet again

Karlie was swinging the girls in the hammocks and Jane fell asleep. I think it's really sweet.

LOVE her eyes and cheeks!!!


Becka and Ty said...

I love your girls and you are super cute too! Its funny my BrookLynne always says thats my best friend Zoe when I show her pictures but she and Zoe have never even met! I think we will be coming to Rexburg in the next month or two to see my sisters new baby so watch out cus I wanna see you!

Mandy said...

What cute little girls. You are such a good mom. We love you guys!

CK Morgan said...

what cute cute girls! They are getting so big. Love all the christmas pictures. Looks like a fun time.

Polly said...

LOVE those pictures. Your girls look identical to you Kenyon babies. Oh my gosh, Jane and Zoey could be your sister, ha!!! Very cute. Concern on pics 15, 16, 17?? Next time put the red pillow behind the girls, so if they fall backwards, they don't crack their heads open on the rocks.
I'm surprised your dad didn't catch that, hum??? Love the dresses your mom made them, they are really cute. Nice to see Breanna and Scott too. It looks like you guys all had a great time!! Those hammocks are heavenly. That will put them to sleep.