Thursday, August 21, 2008

A great concert at the Hollywood Bowl

Zoey and I are visiting my family here in Southern California and last night we went to the Hollywood bowl. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's basically a huge outdoor concert bowl nestled in and surrounded by the beautiful rolling Hollywood hills. During the warm months they have concerts there almost every night. My sister Breanna had some tickets for the concert last night where Count Basie orchestra was playing (the band that played for Frank Sinatra). Anyways, performing with the Count Basie orchestra was someone by the name of Jamie Cullum...None of us had ever heard of him, but as he was being announced it was obvious that he was the real reason people were there (not for the orchestra as we were). They call him a cross between Harry Connick Junior and Nora Jones. By the end of the night I was a HUGE fan. He's a Jazz singer from Britain (accent and all) and incredibly talented and entertaining. I linked his youtube videos below so you can see what I mean. I love the smooth style and how he can really take any genre of music and play it to his style..amazing artist. (this was from our concert, he turns singing in the rain into "I need you more than ever" so keep listening)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Family Pictures at Thanksgiving Point

We went to Thanksgiving Point Gardens for $2 Tuesdays (every attraction there is just $2 a person on Tuesdays in August, great deal). Anyways, my sister Brittany and her husband Scot came and took some pictures for us. My little brother Dustin who is up here for college also came. Zoey was the cutest and the gardens really were beautiful (thanks Mandy for telling us about them). So these are our first official family photos.

Britt had this great idea to do her profile. I loved how it turned out! I need a nice camera like hers. It really makes a difference.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My BEAUTIFUL baby! She can even smile!

My baby gets more and more adorable everyday! She started smiling a couple weeks ago and I finally got the perfect pictures. She really does melt your heart.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Baby Update

Baby Zoey is doing good. She is so much fun! She is one month old today. When she was two weeks old she rolled over for the first time. We had put her on her stomach and she flipped to her back (it was because she didn't like being on her stomach so she was kicking and just happened to kick/push her arms right at the right time). But, since then she has rolled over probably four or five more times. She's pretty strong. She has also started smiling for reals. Once you catch her gaze with yours and if she's in a good mood she'll smile. It only happens occasionally but she's getting better and better at it. Man, we love her. She had her first doctors appointment two Mondays ago and unfortunately she wasn't gaining weight. She went back last Monday (one week later) for a weight check and had gained ten ounces in seven days. We were very relieved. It's stressful when such a little person isn't gaining weight. She had her first pool party yesterday and was able to sport her adorable swimsuit that she really looked too cute in. She didn't really go swimming but I sat her in the water and she actually really liked it. I thought she would hate it because the water was chilly but she just sat there and kicked her feet. She's gonna be a great swimmer. There's a picture below. She is definitely getting longer, 21 inches now. I keep telling people that I wish babies were smaller for longer. They grow/change too fast the first few months in my opinion. I wish they were itty bitty for atleast a couple months, two weeks just goes by way too fast. They have plenty of years to grow up so why can't we treasure the prescious moments longer? Seeing how much she changes makes me really want to just sit there and look at her. She's basically growing right before our eyes and I don't want to miss a thing. Babies are so special and perfect. How can anyone doubt this earth's creator after seeing such perfection in babies. Enjoy the pictures.

Just wanted to see what my sunglasses looked like on her :)

Zoey and her cousin Collete.

They really do make sandals that small.

Zoey and cousin Timmy

Zoey at the Olsen family reunion last weekend.

Zoey and her aunt Christina