Thursday, June 25, 2009

Zoey's 1st Pigtails

Zoey's hair is very slow in growth :) But, we have passed another great milestone and can now put it in pigtails!! Eventhough they are hardly visible when looking at her face, they are still there and so cute! I love the little girl my baby is growing up to be :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My sister is the best babysitter!

A couple weekends ago we were in UT before our camping trip. Our anniversary was coming up and we wanted to take the opportunity to go to the temple together. My sister Brittany wanted to take pictures of Zoey for her little photography thing she was doing so she watched her while we went to the Provo temple. A couple days ago I got an email with some of the pictures she took and boy did we make the right choice on a babysitter :) I got a photography session in with it too! These pictures are adorable and my sister is very talented. Thank you Britt!!

I love her cute little profile!

She loves th swings

This one is just so cute to me

Oh the cute little bum!

One of my favorites!

This one is my favorite, thank you so much Britt!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Camping Trip

This past week we went camping in Colorado with Andrews family. There were about 32 people there and we had lots of fun. Yummy dinners, dutch oven donuts, hiking eagle peak (we turned around with Zoey when it started to snow), fishing on the lake, cobbler, horse shoes, lots of rain, and a bumpy ride to camp were just a few of the many things we did. Zoey was amazing; she was a trooper and can now officially sleep through anything. We had a lot of fun with all of our family members that came.

On the ridge to eagle peak. This is shortly before it started snowing.
We were up pretty high though.

On the hike.

It was a beautiful area.

Andrew made Zoey her own fire so we could be warm.

Zoey likes to laugh when other people are laughing.
She starts cracking up; it's pretty cute.

Just one happy girl!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Can a feather hurt you?

We have some very comfortable couches that are down. So, on occasion a few feathers will work their way out. Zoey, unfortunately, likes to eat them when she finds them. Most of the time I catch her and get it out of her mouth, but I'm sure I've missed a few.... The last two days Zoey has had a stuffy nose and that's other symptoms of being sick, just runny nose. This morning as I put her in the bath to clear out her nose a feather!!! came out!!! pointy end up!!! Somehow a feather got either into her nose or down her throat and back up out her nose. Either way, it was really funny. I didn't take a picture because it was covered in snot, but I'm beginning to wonder if the feather was the cause of her stuffy, runny nose. It hasn't cleared up yet, but maybe it caused a little infection that now can heal since the parasite has been removed. Sorry if that grossed anyone out!