Saturday, June 13, 2009

Camping Trip

This past week we went camping in Colorado with Andrews family. There were about 32 people there and we had lots of fun. Yummy dinners, dutch oven donuts, hiking eagle peak (we turned around with Zoey when it started to snow), fishing on the lake, cobbler, horse shoes, lots of rain, and a bumpy ride to camp were just a few of the many things we did. Zoey was amazing; she was a trooper and can now officially sleep through anything. We had a lot of fun with all of our family members that came.

On the ridge to eagle peak. This is shortly before it started snowing.
We were up pretty high though.

On the hike.

It was a beautiful area.

Andrew made Zoey her own fire so we could be warm.

Zoey likes to laugh when other people are laughing.
She starts cracking up; it's pretty cute.

Just one happy girl!


Breanna said...

Is that Zoey in the backpack?

Alisa said...

Looks like so much fun! Danny loved it - if I weren't so far pregnant I think I could have talked Dan into coming. Maybe next time.