Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Road Block

I have come up against a major road block as a mom. I really don't know what to do so I'm asking for any advice you may have. PLEASE! Here's the story.

Zoey has been completely potty trained for over a year now. It was a very easy process as she basically trained herself. I know I got lucky on that one and I don't expect the same luck with my other kids. Of course Zoey wasn't perfect and had her ups and downs but she's done really well this past year. She doesn't pee in her bed at night or during naps. She knows how to go by herself and when she needs help she isn't afraid to ask us (her mom and dad.) That's how it's been like I said for a year now. Well, about two weeks ago she started having little dribbles in her underwears after going potty. I knew it was because she tried to hold it and it leaked out as she was trying to get on the pot. Well, it started happening more and more and for the past week just about every time she goes to the bathroom there is a good sized "leak" in her underwear. I have been getting pretty frustrated about the whole deal. We seriously go through at least 5-10 pairs of underwear everyday PLUS she ends up with a rash from wearing wet underwear. I don't know what to do. I feel like she's gotten into this habit of holding her pee and forgot how to go. I don't understand why this is happening all of the sudden. I'm sure there's some great freudian explanation for it all but I don't believe in him lol. Has anyone experienced a problem like this or similar? How do I approach it. I don't even care if you're a mom, I just need a different perspective. I know my frustration is clouding my ability to problem solve. I'm looking forward to some ideas! (here are the options we came up with....make her wear a diaper until she stops, time out's (don't seem to work), and many, MANY talks/explanations)

I've also thought that maybe she has a bladder infection...however she has no signs of it possible to have a bladder infection without acting like it?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Easter fun...a little late.

So much to catch up on! I'll try to hurry through so I can finally be up to date. Easter was pretty fun this year. It definitely gets more and more exciting as these girlies get older. They really enjoyed their Easter baskets this year and Zoey loved coloring eggs and hunting for them. She also understood a little bit about both the atonement and resurrection and the Easter bunny so that was fun. I didn't plan on having Easter baskets Easter morning but I didn't get them ready in time to do it the sat before. I think I want to keep Sunday strictly centered on Christ and try to do most of the festivities the Sat before Easter. Anyways, we had a little Easter egg hunt for the girls in CA the week before since we were down there. The day before Easter we died eggs and went to a park close by to hunt for them. On Easter Sunday the Easter bunny came and brought just a couple goodies and a toy for each girl. Zoey got a Tinkerbell doll and jump rope and Jane got a Mrs. Potato Head. I actually didn't get to see them open it because of Sunday morning meetings but it was fun to see Zoey excitedly explain everything to me when I got back. That evening I made an Easter dinner for a couple of our nephews and my sister and a couple of her friends. I had high hopes for it and of course it didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it to but I guess it was ok. We had chicken cordon bleu, potatoes, salad, and rolls. It was a busy but really fun day. The girls were cute as ever in their Easter dresses but the only pictures I have of their dresses is from the week before at my mom and dads.

I could just squeeze her!!!

Me and my girlies in their Easter dresses in CA.

First egg hunt of the year in Grammy's backyard. It was such a hot day, I LOVED it!!

My beautiful little girl. LOVE you Zoey Lanae!

We all got a good laugh from Jane's reaction to all the candy.

Mouth full of gummies.

Standing amongst all the goods

Who made the mistake of putting M&Ms into the eggs on such a hot day....Jane went to town!

One of the Supermarkets here in Rexburg had Easter Bunnies on display. The girls LOVED them, Jane couldn't contain herself :)

Beautiful yellow egg

Love little Nancy Jane's face in this picture.

Helping put the bling on the eggs.

Jane's egg I made for her. She promptly dropped it immediately following this picture...oh well. It wasn't the only casualty.

Our beautiful eggs. Andrew did the clever resurrection depiction on the far right. I thought it looked pretty good. Good enough for Zoey to know who it was :)

Seeing how many eggs she had found.

Jane's egg hunt went a little something like this...find the first egg you can get your hands on, figure out how to open it, and stuff everything into your mouth. :) As you can tell, I have many easter pictures of Jane with a mouth stuffed with candy/fruit snacks.

Jane's trail to her Easter Basket.

Zoey's trail

My girls look like Zombies in this! Andrew took this while I was gone. It really just makes me laugh because I don't recall my girls looking like this in the morning though I'm sure they do. I have NO idea why Jane's hair was so horrific (I'm guessing Sunscreen from the day before??)

Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter as much as we did!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fun at Grammy and Grampa's

I know a lot of these posts are catch up but I really wanted to post the pictures still. These are just some fun misc. pictures from our visit.

These pictures are backwards sorry. I always forget to load them in the right way.

Jane isn't shy with Dallin like Zoey was when she was younger.

Big hugs for Grampa

Saying good bye :(

There were some REALLY nice and sunny days in CA and we took full advantage of them. It was so nice to hang out outside. This particular day was nice and hot and the girls had tons of fun playing in the pool. Jane was drenched but didn't care. I'm sure it felt great :)

Aunty Breanna and Zoey making cake balls. Breanna was just hired on as an attorney at a law firm in Lancaster. Needless to say she was super busy while were visiting but we still got to see her.

Grampa hadn't seen "Tangled" yet so Zoey and him had to watch it together.

We LOVE the salsa at Pepe's.

Just goofy once again.

Classic Jane face :)

Eating breakfast under the table in a fort with Aunty Karlie

Cuddles with all 3 kiddos...yes that is my belly Jane is sleeping on :)

Zoey has finally warmed up to Dallin :) In fact, she prefers to play with him over anyone else. It's cute.


Our hotel room in Fresno for Time out For Women. Jane was just being herself.

so tired!

A really funny picture Karlie took of Zoey, I think those are fishy lips and two peace signs...not sure but hilarious!

Hot tub!

Grammy loves