Saturday, May 21, 2011

A few crafts

This last week I was able to get three crafts/projects done. It felt great! I go through spurts...I do a lot of crafting/sewing and then get sick of it. It's been a good 6+ months since I've even thought about crafts and even longer for sewing projects. What got me motivated was some cute baby boy fabric I picked up at Walmart. I really wanted to sew a blanket for this baby. The second project I did was also for baby brother, an ABC book. I found the panel at Walmart for like $3, I was so excited. The third project was covering our kitchen table. I got the idea to cover it with fabric and then clear vinyl to make it easier to keep clean. Andrew helped me staple it and it turned out pretty good.

I love the animal print! It's just a cotton print and the back is a really soft sateen velvet type material. I was deciding between it and some of those super soft baby materials but Zoey has a baby blanket with the velvet material and it has held up really well with washing etc. The one thing I loved about the velvet material was that it was super easy to sew with, no annoying stretching that makes lining up hard (you know what I mean?) I had gotten 1 1/4 yards and was super happy with how big it ended up being. I think I'll be using it as his bedding quilt type blanket. Can't wait to wrap him in it!

I love the cute prints. I was so surprised to find this type of fabric at Walmart. I need to go snatch up a few more panels for gifts. Instead of batting I used some leftover fleece that so it turned out to be super cheep.

Front of the book, it's not perfectly lined up but I still like how it turned out. If I do it again I want to try and sew the middle pages a tad smaller so they don't poke out farther than the other pages. Oh well.

Close up of the table cover. I guess it's like a permanent table cloth. I was worried it would look too picnicky but it's fine and so easy to keep clean. No more digging out dry play dough from the cracks and esp. no more ugly permanent marker lol.

What do you think? Too shiny/restaurant looking? I just picked a cheep semi neutral fabric, but it may be fun to try some different prints after awhile.


CK Morgan said...

i love the blanket and book you did. I want to go to walmart now and look for those! :)

Laura said...

So many amazing crafts! How talented you are! I go through the same spurts with crafting...must be a Kenyon thing. :)