Monday, May 9, 2011

Disneyland in April

We got to go to Disneyland for 2 days back in April! It was SO much fun. I hadn't been in about 5 years so I forgot how much fun it is. It was even more fun taking my girls for their first time. They both had a blast! We spent most of the two days in Fantasyland but also went to CA adventure for a few hours including World of Color which was amazing. I can't wait to go back with Andrew.

Before getting on the tram that took us to the entrance.

Big kisses from Nancy Jane!

Me and my girls all ready to go to Disneyland!

Zoey was hilarious on the tram. She thought it was a ride and LOVED it. These pictures are worth a 1000 words for sure. I'm glad I snapped them.

Literally could not contain her excitement :)

What a perfect face for Disneyland :)

Right after we entered the park.

Zoey saw Chip and figured it was free game. There were only two others waiting to see him and I couldn't catch her in time. He thought she was next in line and I didn't want to make a scene trying to pull her away etc. We just apologized to the two other people and took two quick pictures and rushed her away. lol. It was pretty cute. No one told her you had to wait in line to see characters, to a little girl that just doesn't make sense :)

She still talks about Chip...who knows it could have been Dale.

Just so happy to finally be at Disneyland!

Watching the ships go by :)

Our first ride at Disneyland, The pirates ship. Only because we were waiting for Karlie and needed to waste some time.

Zoey didn't care, she loved it anyways.

Jungle cruise, a classic!

Love my little girl!

In front of the castle!

Classic Zoey pose. She was shy with the characters but not shy enough to miss out :)

Peter Pan!

Carousal ride. Zoey really liked this one too. We made a few trips back over the course of two days.

Grammy and Zoey!

Zoey got a little frustrated and tired half way through the day. We found a nice, shady spot and fed the ducks. It was a relaxing break for everyone. I got a churro :)

YUMMY corndogs :)

We basically got the Fairy Godmother all to ourselves. It was fun and Zoey loved her.

Grammy and Janey :)

This was probably the scariest ride the girls went on, Pirates of the Caribbean. No tears though, just anxious faces and a smile at the end :)

Right before going on It's a Small World. Jane's look was just too cute!

LOVE this picture. Nancy Jane was like this the whole time on "It's a Small World." Grunting and pointing out all the neat things she saw. Needless to say we went at least two more times :)

She was so intrigued with all the music and colors in the ride.

This was Zoey's absolute favorite ride. Good thing because the wait was pretty darn long for a kids ride. She was squealing the whole time shouting "yay-who! yay-who! I'm flying"

Wiped after a full first day at Disneyland.

Riding the tram to the park on our second day.

Mom's Birthday breakfast in New Orleans.

My baby cakes :)

They hadn't started their summer time parades yet but they had this fun show with all the characters and the marching band. I'm glad we ran into it. Zoey and Jane were front and center loving it.

Carousal once again.

Nancy Jane was hilarious around the costumed characters like Minnie and Mickey. She couldn't hardly stand waiting to see them. This is her with her arms outstretched just itching to see Minnie while we waited for our turn. She would whine so hard to get over to them but once I approached them she got really shy but also really wanted to touch them. It was like this battle going on in her head, so cute. She would give them kisses as long as I was holding her and she had the cutest expressions. It made the whole trip worth it to see her cute reactions :)

Both girls approaching Minnie, Jane wanted to go closer but just couldn't do it :) Zoey LOVED Minnie. After our turn was up we went into Minnie's house (right behind Minnie) and let the girls explore. Before I could grab her, Zoey went back over to Minnie Mouse and was telling her some story (while other kids were taking their turn.) I was kind of embarrassed but it was only for like 3 seconds. It was really cute how Zoey just really wanted to chat with Minnie.

Big hugs!!!

Jane didn't want to leave Minnie Mouse.

Exploring Minnie's house.

It was really relaxing in Minnie's house because the girls just played and my mom and I enjoyed the air conditioning. It was the hot part of the day which I loved but toon town has little shade.

Mickey Mouse!

Jane LOVED the characters in costume. Just look at her adorable face.

As we were leaving Mickey, he blew Janey a kiss. Without any prompt she blew kisses right back. What a sweetie pie!

This was story time with a princess. We got to hear Snow White tell her story. Zoey enjoyed it.

Waiting for Story time to begin.

The one person that Zoey had been talking about for months was seeing Tinkerbell at Disneyland. We also wanted to see Tangled, or Rapunzel but both required a pretty long wait. Tinkerbells shortened to only about 30 minutes while Rapunzel's was over an hour so we decided to pick one and waited in line for Tinkerbell. There were two other friend fairies there too so that was fun. I love Zoey's leg pose in the picture above.

Jane was a little nervous but cute.

Saying Good-bye to her fairy friends!

Goofy Zoey at lunch

Goofy Jane at lunch

She was in such a silly mood, sorry for all the pictures :)

Momma's birthday lunch at Rainforest with two of her daughters.

She was so hesitant to approach the bird but really wanted to. It was cute.

Jane loved the submarine ride.

Most of the pictures on the rides are of the girls big wide eyes, in case you're wondering what they were looking at here's an example :)

Winnie the Pooh ride!

The one ride I went on without Zoey and Jane. Probably one of my favorite rides, Soarin over California! Pardon the weird eyes :)

Just a couple goofy pictures of Jane while waiting in line.

My first time going on "Midaway Mania." It was so much fun! I highly recommend it for those who go to CA adventure. It's like a real live video game.

A fun "flying" ride in Bugs Life Land

Bugs Life Land version of Teacups. I wish there wasn't a shadow on the left part. Zoey loved all the rides here.

Zoey was so goofy here. She ran up to go on the bumper cars but the line attendant stopped to measure her. She asked Zoey to stand up really tall. Zoey was jumping up and down as high as she could full of excitement lol. She ended up being about an inch too short but didn't really care and ran off to ride something else with me :)

This was the ride we went on while Karlie and Britt were on bumper cars. It looks like a kids version of a roller coaster but it was SO slow, you could walk faster no joke. Cute, but definitely didn't measure up to the excitement we had before hand (in this picture.)

Watching World of Color, absolutely amazing and we had perfect seats. Both kids were really tired and ready to be done but they made it through.

Doesn't really do it justice but you get the idea

Conked right out :)

Zoey was SO tired, two days of non-stop fun can do that to a girl. Love her!


Laura said...

SUCH cute pictures of your girls! You look great too! I love your beautiful family!

The Leiths said...

i loved all the pictures! looks like so much fun! you look great by the way!

Mandi Snider said...

So Fun your post just made me miss being home!

J-A-M Gates said...

you seriously have the cutest girls!!! looks like you guys had so much fun!