Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fun at Grammy and Grampa's

I know a lot of these posts are catch up but I really wanted to post the pictures still. These are just some fun misc. pictures from our visit.

These pictures are backwards sorry. I always forget to load them in the right way.

Jane isn't shy with Dallin like Zoey was when she was younger.

Big hugs for Grampa

Saying good bye :(

There were some REALLY nice and sunny days in CA and we took full advantage of them. It was so nice to hang out outside. This particular day was nice and hot and the girls had tons of fun playing in the pool. Jane was drenched but didn't care. I'm sure it felt great :)

Aunty Breanna and Zoey making cake balls. Breanna was just hired on as an attorney at a law firm in Lancaster. Needless to say she was super busy while were visiting but we still got to see her.

Grampa hadn't seen "Tangled" yet so Zoey and him had to watch it together.

We LOVE the salsa at Pepe's.

Just goofy once again.

Classic Jane face :)

Eating breakfast under the table in a fort with Aunty Karlie

Cuddles with all 3 kiddos...yes that is my belly Jane is sleeping on :)

Zoey has finally warmed up to Dallin :) In fact, she prefers to play with him over anyone else. It's cute.


Our hotel room in Fresno for Time out For Women. Jane was just being herself.

so tired!

A really funny picture Karlie took of Zoey, I think those are fishy lips and two peace signs...not sure but hilarious!

Hot tub!

Grammy loves

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