Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Birthday Ideas

Zoey's Birthday is fast approaching! I can't believe she's almost three, holy smokes! I still don't know what we're doing for her party but I'm excited to plan it as it draws near for a few reasons....1) since she will be 3 she will really be into this party. She's already talking about it and giving me ideas, etc. 2) Planning it will help give me something to do as I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of this baby boy! 3) My parents will be visiting the end of June so it will be fun to do a celebration with them here.

So here are some ideas I've comes across in my blog/google travels....

I would make this cake but in more girly colors...pinks.

LOVE this cake but not sure if I'm in over my head with it....maybe I'll have to try out the icing technique to see if it's even possible. I can also imagine a cute cupcake version of this...

I love the idea of having a carnival. I've got a funnel cake maker and a snow cone maker that could come in handy. It would also be fun to have cotton candy. The invitations on martha's page are also really cute. The idea of having people guess the number of animal crackers in a jar is cute too. This is a top contender I think.

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday

Ballerina Birthday
I thought of this as an alternative to a princess party. This way the girls could still dress up...I dunno. With a ballerina theme there's no real option for the boys (like if it were princess theme, it could just be a royal party and boys could be princes)

Of course there's the Princess or Fairy/Tinkerbell idea
I like the rapunzel hair would be a cute "pin the bow on rapunzels hair" game. Not sure if I love the idea of having a princess party but there are some really cute ideas out there and Zoey really does love dressing up.

I've got one minor problem that I need to work out. I want to be able to invite all of our friends, boys and girls. Lots of ideas involve girly things so what is the rule on this? Is there a way to make it gender neutral yet still girly or do 2/3 year old boys even care?

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