Monday, May 2, 2011

Coming Home Outfit

I've been doing a little window/clearance shopping lately for baby boy clothes. What expecting mother doesn't love to do that? Anyways, I was talking to a cousin on Andrew's side who is due the same time as me with a boy as well. We were discussing clothing we like...colors, animals, etc. I'm really not too picky but there are some things I really love. Blues are one of them. I used to really love all the green/brown trendy stuff that came out a few years ago (and still like it) but for some reason I just really love the traditional baby blues/navy blues. It just seems so fitting for a small, cuddly, sweet newborn baby boy to be wearing baby blues. I've been looking for a really cute coming home outfit as I've been shopping and really wanted it to be soft and blue. I think I finally found a contender at Target the other day. What do you think?

I actually bought it for a baby shower gift and liked it so much I went back and got it for me :) My favorite part is the striped cardigan (do boys call those cardigans?) I can't wait to cuddle that sweet little boy! I like the frogs as well. My mom decided to get me a bunch of frog themed clothes which I think are adorable so it kind of goes along with it. I'm not a huge fan of the phrase on the front only because both grandma's go by names other than grandma but they are still grandmas right? The blanket was perfect too and I really love those thick cotton receiving blankets especially in the summer. So for you moms out there what are your favorite baby boy clothes and where do you find the cutest ones? Also, where do you find good deals? I'm new to this baby boy thing :)

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Kaybay said...

I couldn't believe it but I think I actually enjoyed shopping for a boy more than a girl! Those outfits are so cute.