Wednesday, September 23, 2009


We have had a few birthday celebrations in the past month. One was Karlie's 17th!! I made her a "bomb" cake. It was a double fudge cake triple combo with moose tracks ice cream layered on top, topped with a light drizzle of chocolate, sprinkled with a huge load of butterfinger crunch......that was Andrew's interpretation as he is watching me type.
You get the idea, it was delicious.

The last one was Andrew's on Sept. 7th. We were in AZ visiting David and Maren and Maren made a very yummy pumpkin cheesecake! We also went to Texas roadhouse and had them do their birthday "holla." He had to sit on a saddle while our waitress hollered a bunch of shinannagins about his was really funny.

Then there was my birthday on the 25th. We went out to eat at Olive garden, I got to go shopping and Andrew made me a delicious cake, funfetti my fav. with strawberry icing and sigar sprinkles...yum!


David said...

You should have posted the picture of Andrew on the saddle ... it was hillarious

Allyssa said...

Yay For Birthdays!! I love your blog it's so cute!!

Jake & Rachel said...

That's a lot of birthdays! Sounds like they were all great...happy belated birthday Cort!