Sunday, July 31, 2011

The first week with baby Thomas

Things have been busy/good with the arrival of our baby brother. I haven't had much time to blog but everything has been great. We were blessed with a quick and easy induction Friday morning, July 22nd. It only took 5 hours. That put Thomas 5 days overdue which really wasn't too bad for me. My mom was able to come up a few days before he came and stayed with us until just this past Thursday. It was really nice having her around to help with the girls, meals, cleaning, organizing, etc. I'm so grateful for her! On Thursday our nephew Tyler got married and we made the trip to UT to be there for that special occasion/sealing. I got lucky once again to have my mom around to watch the girls and Thomas so I could attend the sealing. She carpooled down to Salt Lake with us and watched them in the waiting room so it all worked out great. Thomas just slept the whole 2 hours. So many people thought I was crazy making the trip down but I knew it would be a rare opportunity to have all of Andrew's immediate family in the temple at the same time. With 12 children all grown up and married there are few times when they are all together let alone able to be in the temple at the same time. This was our first nephew to be married and it worked out so that all 12 children could be there for it. It was a really neat experience being in the sealing room together with such a great family. Anyways, we've just been hanging out at Andrew's parents house in Lindon since then and it's been fun to be around family.

Thomas has done wonderfully through all of this. I honestly don't know how I have managed to get such good newborns. Thomas had about two or three fussy nights when he was first born but immediately started sleeping in pretty long stretches. It's been wonderful. Sometimes he only wakes up once. It's helped me to actually feel like I got some sleep when I get up in the morning. Nursing has been a breeze. I really think it's because it's my third and I know what I'm doing. It's gotten easier with each baby. I'm not exactly sure how much weight he's gaining but I'll find out at his two week appointment. I've had to supplement a little with both Zoey and Jane and I think I may have to with Thomas too. I'm ok with whatever. I've already given him a couple of bottles and he's done great with them. I think it's important to start them on bottles early because they take to them better then waiting until they're older. He's definitely not a fussy baby and sleeps most of the day away. He's extremely adorable with great coloring. He's also a blond, not really any red. Here are a few more pictures, just some of my favorites from this past week.

First family picture with baby Thomas.

Right after Thomas came into the world.

These girlies really love their baby brother

All ready to go home :)

Jane will now smile on command and I love her cute little scrunchy face and eyes.

Zoey really loves holding Thomas and is constantly saying "I love my baby brother BERRY much." It's pretty cute watching her with him.

Cute little profile shot.


Shaylen said...

All of those pictures are darling! I am glad everything is going well.

Sarah and David said...

Such cute pictures! What a great family you have! I can't wait to get to meet Thomas =)

CK Morgan said...

can't believe how cute he is! Love the girls in those dresses too!

Laura said...

I like that first family picture; you look so cute and happy, Cort! And all the pictures of your kids are so cute!