Saturday, July 16, 2011

Some cute Jane stories

(picture is from the 4th of July)

My little Nancy Jane really knows how to melt your heart :) I don't know how she does it but she does. Lately I've been really wondering what things will be like for her when this baby brother comes along. I know for a fact it will be a lot different than how Zoey was with Jane. When Jane was born Zoey was just in love with her and thought she was her baby doll. There was literally no jealousy and she was almost always super soft and cute with her. I wasn't surprised. Jane, however has a completely different personality and just seems more like a baby even though the age gap between Zoey and Jane is the same as Jane and this baby. I can't really imagine how Jane will react but I think she'll have some real adjusting to do. We don't really baby her but lately she has really wanted to be held (by anyone that will hold her since I usually wont/cant.) She is also much more cuddly than Zoey ever was. I also just feel like Zoey was much more grown up somehow. Maybe because she talked so much by that age.

Anyways, today was kind of a fun day with Jane. Late in the afternoon we sat down to watch a movie and relax. Jane kept cuddling up to me until she finally fell asleep (doesn't happen often at all.) I loved it and just tried to keep her there as long as I could because I knew she wasn't going to be my baby for long. It was pretty hard (as any 40 week pregnant mom can imagine) to be in pretty much the same position for an hour with a sleeping child on your belly but I really enjoyed it :) After a while Zoey did something mean and got put in her room where she fell asleep on her bed. Jane and I got some alone time which was fun. There are two cute stories that probably only a mother (and maybe only me) could appreciate. So, sorry if I bore all the rest of you.

First, I walked down the hall and was observing Jane as she walks over to the kitchen rag drawer and pulls out a rag. She brings it back to her play area where she had spilled a few dribbles of milk on her toy and the carpet. I just smiled as I watched her clean up her mess all by herself. I realized that she is really growing up even though she still seems so babyish.

The second story was when we went outside. I took her outside for a short walk with her little push cart. She led the way strutting as she pushed her little cart along the sidewalk. Just a minute or so after we get outside she stops, lets go of her push cart, turns around and starts heading back to the apartment. I asked her what she was doing and she looks at me as she's pointing to our apartment and says "zo, zo." It is still pretty hard to understand her words but I knew that she was saying "Zoey" and I knew that she stopped her little walk because she realized Zoey was not there with her. It really melted my heart. What a cute little girl.

My little Nancy Jane is really growing up quickly even in just the last week. I know she'll have some adjusting to do once her little brother arrives but I do think she'll be a great older sister. Love you Janey!

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