Thursday, July 14, 2011

Still Waiting

Just in case anyone is checking this to see baby updates, I am still waiting with no end in sight :) Well, my doctor will let me go to 41 weeks before he will insist on an induction. So, worst case scenario, our little guy will be here around July 24th. I really hope he decides to come on his own but we will see. I still have plenty of things to do to get ready for him so I'm not necessarily in a rush. I saved everything for the last few weeks so that I didn't have to be as anxious. So far it's working pretty well. Keep checking back for more.

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Anna Hernandez said...

That's how it was for me. It wasn't until I had everything I thought I needed (carseat, diaper bag, etc) and felt content that she could come, that she finally did. And waiting til the last few weeks was nice cause it gave me something to do while I waited. :) Can't wait til he comes and see pictures!