Thursday, July 21, 2011

4 Day Late :)

Today I am 4 days past my due date. I'm honestly not super unhappy or anxious or uncomfortable. I know weird. I think people think I'm more miserable and anxious than I really am. Don't worry guys, for some reason this time around I'm much more patient. I had my doctors appointment yesterday and everything was fine. The baby is just snug as a bug waiting. I had my doctor check my cervix and I am 3-4 cm dilated which is awesome compared to last weeks 1 cm. I am also 80% effaced so that's great news too. Last week I was only 50%. My doctor doesn't normally advise cervical exams or stripping your membranes. He has pretty valid points that cervical exams don't really tell you much (which is true) and stripping your membranes statistically doesn't really help unless you're already going into labor (probably true as well.) I appreciate that he is so down to earth and I also like that even though he feels that way he will honor whatever requests I have. So, while normally he wouldn't check my cervix I had him check both last week and this week (mostly out of curiosity.) I also requested that he strip my membranes yesterday just because I wanted to try everything natural I could before they induced me. So, my membranes are stripped and I also have a highly favorable bishops score (an 8) which is what they use to see whether you are a good candidate for induction. That made me happy. The biggest concern I had was that I would have to be induced when I wasn't dilated. I know in many cases those labors are very long and tiring and possibly end in a C-section since it's all synthetic labor. I was happy to hear that at least my body was on it's way. I don't really have a problem with the medications (pitocin, etc.) My other issue with an induction was that I would be forcing the baby out when he was still small and not quite ready. Now, since I am over my due date I am pretty sure he'll be ok both developmentally and weight-wise. I don't want to risk complications with my placenta wearing away causing him to starve and the doctor says one of the biggest problems with overdue babies is their size (fractures as they are pushed out or 3-4 degree tears.) I'm not too worried about the size since both the girls were fairly average/small. Anyways, enough about all that. I'm hoping to go into labor on my own still but if I need to be induced I'm ok with it too at this point. Keep checking back for updates :)

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