Friday, June 15, 2012

Zoey the Fashion Designer

Child Prodigy??

Here we have our designer, Zoey Lanae Olsen, otherwise known as Z-LO. Recently she has broken through into the fashion world with her latest and greatest styles and accessories. She's going where no other toddler has gone before.

Introducing the new "toe rings"...

"hair extensions"...

The new "detangler". A quick and stylish fix for any "rats nest" or bedhead.

Z-LO gives us a free tutorial for her latest design, the "shir-ug" (a cross between a shirt and a shrug) 

1) Put on any shirt 2) Pull the bottom front of your shirt over the top of you head so neck hole is now on the back of your neck 3) Accessorize joke here guys. Don't hold back. Go big or go home.

According to Z-LO "more is less"

We're pretty much speechless with this one. One thing's for sure. It's most definitely runway material.


Laura said...

Oh. how. cute! She and my two older girls would have some FABulous times together!!!

The Nelson's Nest said...

Hahahaha, I am literally laughing out loud! I love your commentary. Go, Zoey!


Anna Hernandez said...

lol I love this! Especially the last one.. The picture needs to be bigger haha.