Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Zoey's Big 4 Year Old Birthday

Well, if you haven't noticed already my blog here has been lacking. The main reason is time. I've been devoting most of my extra time to my new website If you haven't already visited, go right ahead. You can follow it on the site or follow my facebook page to get updates that way.

But, I will still be updating this blog with main events, etc. The biggest news recently has been two birthdays in our family. Zoey's was first at the beginning of July. My mom was able to come visit us too so she was able to be here for her birthday! We did a butterfly birthday theme (see more details on my other site) and had lots of fun! Zoey had a family dinner/party and then later a friend party. She's made lots of friends since we've been here in MO. There's a plethora of girls around her age in our church so that's been great. Enjoy the pictures.

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