Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Baby Pack N Play

For Christmas, Nanny (Andrew's mom) got us a neutral colored bassinet but said that if we are having a girl there was another one she wanted us to get. So, since we are having a girl, we returned the cute bassinet and got a brown and pink pack n play. I was so excited (a little too excited) that I set it up yesterday just for fun :)


The Rognon Clan said...

Thanks for letting us know about the blog. I'm not sure if we met, but I atleast know I saw you at grandpa's birthday party and Grandma's funeral. So that's something, right? Congrats on the pregnancy! I didn't know you guys were expecting. We're excited for you. It's a wonderful adventure.

Nanna said...

I am so happy to see how positive u are about having this kid. N sry to say but I can't wait to see your tummy almost explode.

Kirsten said...

I too would be very excited about that new crib. It looks so cute! Its still weird to think you are pregnant.. it seems like just yesterday that we were secluded at jacob lake. far from boys and normal life. Good memories. Thanks for the comment on my blog (i've added a link to yours from mine as well). I'll see you around/in class. :)