Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hawaii Days 2 and 3

Our second day in Hawaii was the least eventful of our days. I went shopping with my sister in law and finished our grocery shopping. Andrew's parents had arrived by the time we got back to our hotel so we visited with them for a little while. Afterwards, we had dinner and went down to the pool for a swim. Only the first two pictures are from this day.
(I didn't get many pictures this day)

Our third day in Hawaii was a beach day. We walked down Waikiki until we found a good spot. Andrew had bought a used surf board and took it out while me and the girls played on the beach. The waves at Waikiki were pretty dinky so the surfing wasn't very successful, but we all still enjoyed ourselves. My brother and sister in law met up with us and Zoey had tons of fun playing with her cousins in the sand. Later on that night Andrew's brothers Paul and Phillip arrived with their families. Nanny and Papa came by and we all went for a walk down Kalakoua Avenue. It's a city walk type street with shops, restaurants, vendors, music, etc.

Jane in her new swimsuit

They wore their itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot....swimsuits :)

This is out of order (it was actually the last picture of day 3) We went out for a walk on Kalakoua Avenue so we all got to dress up.

Just enjoying the balcony

All ready and waiting to go to the beach!

I love it when this little girl looks at me....her eyes just melt me

Zoey is "painting" Jane's fingernails with her water paintbrush thingy

Jane chilling at the beach in the beach tent

Playing in the sand, her favorite thing to do.

Daddy and Zoey at the beach

Zoey is such a cute little girl. I love her!

Jane finally fell asleep

Zoey with cousins Chris and James

Going for a swim

Zoey and Liz, aren't they so cute!

Andrew's brother Aaron rented a kayak and we got to take it out for a ride. I got a little scared as we got out in the ocean....I guess I'm a pretty big wimp


Rachel & Darrin said...

What cute girls you have! Zoey's swimsuit is adorable and your Hawaiian adventure looks so beautiful and relaxing. I'm excited to see more!

Jake & Rachel said...

Awesome vacation! And I LOVE Zoey's big sunhat, that is adorable.