Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hawaii Day 8- Polynesian Cultural Center and Dole Plantation

On Thursday in Hawaii we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center. On the way there we stopped at the Dole Plantation. Both were really fun but to be honest this was the most exhausting day with the kids. It was just really long with no opportunities for naps...To make things better next time I don't think I will go until after the kids take a nap that way they are happier. Even if it cuts down on our time there, we would be able to see more because we would have less tantrums from Zoey and a less fussy Jane. With that said, I still loved it and enjoyed all of the parts I got to see. We saw the Samoan presentation which is the best anyways. We saw the boat parade which gives you dancing from all the Islands and we saw the amazing show at the end. I also got to see bits and pieces of other shows. I really want to go back so I can see the other parts I missed.
The Dole Plantation was fun and quick. It's biggest attraction is the store. We got pineapple ice cream and lunch (the food was not very good.) We walked around and saw different pineapples growing and a little pond with the nastiest fish you've ever seen. See video below. The best part about that trip was the popcorn that Nanny got. It was DELICIOUS! It was covered with a pineapple glaze and had coconut and macadamia nuts mixed in. If that even sounds good to you, you will LOVE it. I would say skip the ice cream and go for the popcorn!

My little cutie pie!

These guys are AMAZING. We got to see a few of them do their fire dance. Video below.

Climbing the coconut tree.

The parade

Zoey watching the parade

Cousin Joe and Zoey

Our family during the parade...I was pretty sweaty even though it was right when we got there. Luckily I realized after putting my bangs up things weren't so bad.

Some of the group at the parade

Zoey being silly posing at the Dole plantation. You can see the pineapple in the back. I had no clue the grew like this! They're like a bush.

This picture was taken for the cool tree in the background.
It's like they painted it, it was pretty cool.

My little pineapple heads

I realized afterwards that I took a picture with the boy pineapple. Whoops :)

Our not so good lunch. The fries were good

Awesome fire dancer

These fish were really hungry I guess.

Zoey participating in a Coconut dance...what a cutie :)

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