Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hawaii Day #1- Enjoying Waikiki

We arrived in Hawaii on a Wednesday night pretty late. The weather was GORGEOUS the entire time we were there. I noticed the humidity right when we got off the plane but I adjusted to it within an hour and never noticed it the rest of the time. I would live there in a heart beat just for the amazing weather! We took a taxi to the Hilton Hawaiian Village Lagoon Tower. That was where we stayed. It is right on Waikiki beach. Everything was so magical. There were tiki torches lighting the Hawaiian village and Hawaiian music playing in the background. Going into our room was another treat. It was really nice and had a balcony with the most amazing view. I wasn't used to this kind of a vacation. Most of the vacations I've been on involve relatives houses or camping. I felt spoiled. The guy who brought our luggage up put a lei around Andrew, Zoey, and my necks. We were officially in Hawaii :) Since it was so late we just wanted to go to bed. I don't think we got to bed until 1am Hawaii time which is 5am UT/ID time. We were a bit tired but so excited for the fun to come.

Our first morning was so nice and relaxing. We opened up our balcony doors and enjoyed our breakfast in paradise. Even though all we had was oatmeal and orange slices, it was the best breakfast ever. The view was so enticing that we couldn't wait to get down to the water. We went out to the beach just to get our feet wet and do a little exploring. When we got back we got ready for the day and went out to do our grocery shopping. That took awhile but it was still fun just to walk around Waikiki. We got back and went swimming in the pool. What a great first day!

Our beautiful view!

Zoey enjoying breakfast in paradise.

Jane a little disoriented with the time change.

Our cute little chica taking a nice stroll on the beach

Zoey and Daddy, first time in Hawaii's warm beach water.

Our condo (the one right in the middle of the picture)

Jane happy to be in Hawaii.

Daddy and his Hawaiian beach beauties

Me and my girls ready to take a trip to Walmart and Sams for groceries

Zoey ready to go swimming

Zoey loved our balcony. She spent so much time just watching out there.

A rare moment when she actually posed for the camera

Cute tootsies ready for a Hawaiian vacation

Jane gives the best smiles. I love her

Look at those eyes!


Mandy said...

Looks like so much fun! I can't wait to go back!

Shawnanana said...

I love Zoeys Hat!! so darn cute! glad u are havin a nice time :)