Monday, April 6, 2009

A few brags from a proud mommy

Well, we are officially back in UT. Grandma and Grandpa are in Sandy living in an assisted living/care center. Not sure what our next adventure is but it's good to be back. Here are some much needed pictures of Zoey. The last ones I put up were about 2 months old and in grammy/aunty time that is way too long :) 

Just a little brag... can't a mom do that sometimes? 
Zoey is the most amazing baby ever. She has never been sick..not even a stuffy nose (though she pretends to have a stuffy nose with her cute little sniffles). Zoey can wave to people (thanks to all the old ladies at the care center in Ely). Zoey sleeps 11-12 + hours every night straight (I've trained her well). Most the time Zoey does not cry when put down to bed or nap. Zoey loves baths. Zoey helps me get her dressed...when a toy is in one hand she moves it to the other for me to put that arm through...she really is a genuis. Zoey has loved baby food from the very first day (about 4 months ago). Zoey can say....baba, mama, dada, babamama (i think that mean food :), ahhhhhh (in a very high pitched scream), and lots more I'm sure. Well, she's just an amazing baby. Couldn't have asked for more. We LOVE her. oh yeah she can climb stairs too! Now, I'm sure all you moms out there think you can top that but I'm just gonna pretend she's a record breaker for now :)

Zoey's stats..
At the doctor appointment a few days ago she weighed 15 lbs 3 oz and was 27 inches long. She had great iron levels but didn't like the poke in her foot. Still a teeny girl, but has gained two pounds since two months ago and that's good enough for me. Someday she'll be on the charts. 

What a cute little face

Andrew grew his beard out while we were in Ely to fit in with the Elians. 
I think this is 6 weeks worth. 

Most of the time when I put Zoey down she just lays there untill she falls asleep. Sometimes she cries and will sit up after you leave the room. In those cases I usually find her like this. Looks really uncomfortable huh? I usually try to slowly pull her legs out.

Oh what a cute messy grin.

Zoey's first hair-do. I cheated and used hairspray, but it's pretty cute.

I stepped into the kitchen for a few seconds and came back to this. The whole roll of Ritz dumped out. The funny thing is I don't even know how she got them because they weren't near her. What a smart baby.

Oh what a pitiful face. I can just imagine the sound coming from this picture. It's a fake cry/whine. haha


Breanna said...

That picture of her with the ritz crackers looks just like all of us at that age, don't you think? Next time you are down we should break out the old baby pictures and compare. She is definitely a Kenyon!

The Lewis Family said...

Ha, mountain man andrew totally mad me laugh :) Jasmin is still not on charts, or is in like 5th percentiles :) Little man is only 5 lbs lighter than her.

Now that you guys are back, we totally need to get a couples night thing up :)