Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We've Moved!

Well, we are now officially in Idaho. We're living in an apartment in Idaho Falls and we really like it so far. We moved up here a few weeks ago and we're pretty much settled in now. Zoey likes her new home especially since she can crawl wherever she wants to. She got her first two teeth about the time we moved up here. They are very cute on her :) Here are just a few pictures to keep everyone updated.

I just love this picture eventhough the flash wasn't on (it was my fault). Andrew put Zoey in this bag to keep her occupied. Pretty silly. She kind of looks like a kung-fu baby. You may also notice the toys in her right hand. She has a funny thing about stuffing as many toys into one had that can possibly fit. Pretty cute.

First teeth!!!!

First nightgown!!

Just drinking a baba. I love how her red hair shows in this picture.

Zoey loves the swings!!!


Michelle said...

Yay for Idaho! We definitely need to hang out. Next time I'm on facebook I'll try to remember to put my number on there so we can coordinate something out!

And, Lizzy, Doyle, Logan, and Andy said...

She is so cute! Do you have plans for here, or is she available for an arrainged marriage?

Jake & Rachel said...

You guys move around almost as if you were in the military! Zoey is staring to looks a lot older now, I never noticed how red her hair is too, so adorable! I really like those shoes she's wearing in the swing picture too, where did you get them? I think you asked about Brynn's shoes too...they are just circo ones from Target!