Thursday, April 30, 2009

Visit to CA

Zoey and I went down to CA for a few days to visit my family. It was a very busy week with my brothers eagle court of honor and missionary interviews, but we did fit in some cute pictures and fun outings. We went to Descanso Gardens, had dinner with the Bethke's and fun in their backyard, and played lots of dress up.

Sunday pictures.

Kar has hair extensions in, how fun!

Mom said "We have to match Zoey" So we are all wearing yellow.

Bethke's backyard is so beautiful!

Goofy girls

Trying to do High School Musical shot :)

Attacking Dallin

Bestest friends :) Karlie and Amy Bethke

Zoey LOVES animals, Cooper, however had other things on his mind.

Grammy and Zoey

So big!

This is a very rare shot. Zoey is not a cuddly baby. She likes to sleep on her own. My mom was lucky to get this shot, her head popped right back up after she took it.

The rose gardens

My cabbage patch baby!

I love this picture of the girls! Zoey is just one of us :)

Relaxing on the grass. Zoey was most interested in attacking Karlie.

Oh, the cute little finger!

Zoey and Grampa at Dustin's court of honor.

Just hanging out with aunty Breanna in the front yard.

Probably one of my favorite pictures of Zoey. The face is so CUTE!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter, swimming, and more (Caution: Overload of pictures)

We've had tons of fun since we've been back in Utah. Unfortunately, there have been lots of sick cousins including our little Zoey. She has never been sick before so it's pretty sad to see her fight this cold. It's starting to clear up now which is great because I can't stand seeing her cry anymore when I wipe her poor little nose :( You can probably tell in some of her pictures with her watery eyes and red, runny nose. For easter we had a couple of easter egg hunts, a delicious sunday dinner, a nice visit with my grandparents in Sandy, and tons of yummy desserts. It's always fun to be around the Olsen cousins. We also took a trip to the Lehi pool which was really fun for Zoey. She loved it!
Zoey in the kiddy pool

Don't mind my white skin, it's pretty permanent.

Zoey's beautiful easter eggs.

A sad, sick face.

Zoey loved eating hard boiled eggs with Daddy.

Our cute little easter dyed fingers.

She really wanted the egg.

She loved the egg

Helping my baby dye her eggs.

Papa loves to put Zoey on his shoulders.

This was probably Zoey's favorite part of her easter basket.

Cousin Amber and Zoey.

Zoey's second easter egg.

Zoey went on a little kids easter egg hunt on Sunday. These were all the aprticipants.....Jasmine, Zoey, Hailey, Amber, Ester, Savannah, and Katie.

Katie, Ester, Zoey, and Hailey. Opening Zoey's easter basket.

Her easter card from Grammy, Grampa, aunties, and uncles.

Opening her easter basket....

She got dried fruit, a ducky, mroe snacks, .....

more toys, andeaster eggs filled with headbands!! (and more)

Zoey in her easter bloomers playing the piano with Daddy.

Her first egg hunt (a staged one).