Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A sad story

Monday was very sensitive for me as a mother.
We took Zoey to her first doctor's appointment here in ID. I randomly chose a doctor based on location and really regret it. The doctor was horrible and Zoey was screaming bloody murder the whole time he was near her. On top of that she was shaking uncontrollably, I wanted to cry. Zoey had a male doctor in UT and did great with him so it wasn't that. The difference between him and this doctor was that her old doctor was actually friendly and good with children. This new doctor obviously is not the best fit for pediatrician. Zoey could sense that something wasn't right as soon as he approached her. She is normally a very social little girl and NOT scared of strangers. This man scared her. Even after she started screaming he proceeded to force her to lay down and made no change to his normal routine to accomodate a terrified little girl. Our old doctor let me hold Zoey if she showed any sign of hesitation (which only happened once) and he did his exam with her in my arms. Personally I don't see that as a very hard accomodation. This man was just not caring enough. So, needless to say we will be changing doctors. I never want to have to live through that again.

Monday, November 2, 2009


This year Zoey was a ladybug thanks to my mom for the shirt and pants which inspired it all. She was pretty darn cute if I do say so myself. We had fun at our ward halloween party on Fri. and then dressed up on Sat. too. We didn't go trick or treating which I was fine with but we did go and visit Andrew's grandma to show off Zoey's costume and we also went to Andrew's cousins for a relaxing halloween dinner/party. It was great to relax on halloween after the crazy church party. Not saying I don't like to party but one night was enough :) Enjoy the pictures.

I was a monarch butterfly. Very easy and fun. I think the wings turned out pretty cool.

Zoey with Grandma Higham. Grandma Higham actually won the costume contest the day before halloween at the senior living center where she lives. I was bummed we didn't get to see her in costume but we were told by the front desk that she was dressed as a man from the 1920's (Charlie Chaplin look). She apparently played the part as well and wouldn't tell anyone who she was. She didn't even let her husband accompany her so she could stay in her secret character. She's such a funny lady. We love her.

Face painting at the Halloween party.

Eating a powdered dohnut

These are the wings I made five minutes before the party. I used leftover scraps from my fabric box and hot glue. I think they turned out pretty good for how quickly I worked.

She won her only candy from this game. Two pieces :) I ate them :)

These are some goodies that Grammy gave Zoey. A pumpkin sippy and Bisquits pet and play halloween book. Thank you grammy!

We can't forget Andrew's costume. We couldn't figure out a good enough bug themed costume so he did what he knows best....painted his face and wore his trenchcoat :) He was going for a swamp monster....ahhH! Zoey watched him put the makeup on so she wasn't scared of him. I was surprised.

I didn't really give Zoey any halloween candy but she had found a lolipop at the party and I let her hold it. By the time we got home, I turned around to find was a mess :(

Zoey with all the other bugs at the halloween party..pretty cute