Monday, May 12, 2008

Busy Weeks

These past few weeks have been pretty busy, but also very fun. I finally got some pictures to put up showing some recent events and of course my much larger belly. Less than 7 weeks left! I'll save the typing for the pictures...

This picture was taken at about 30 weeks, around April 22nd (I really can't remember exactly, it's been too long :) That is also part of our new house which I love! People at church call it the "cottage house" so I guess that's it's name. I love the ivy but Andrew pointed out that it attracts more bugs :( I hate bugs. I've been noticing more and more wasps around our house and that worries me. I don't want my baby to get stung!...or me! Good thing I have a brave super hero to shoo them away :)

This is one of the most recent pictures of my belly. It was taken at just under 33 weeks or 4 days ago. I think I'm really starting to look pregnant now. The difference between the first picture and this picture is amazing. I really grew fast these past couple weeks. Those flowers are CA poppies; my family has a tradition of taking pictures in them every year (if there are enough of them). Below is a picture of Andrew and me.


We went to Sea World last Friday and had lots of fun. I hadn't been there for a really long time and Andrew was a good sport in taking me. With just a normal park ticket we are now able to go the rest of the year for free (some special they had going on). So now I want to go back with our little girl sometime; our first family vacation :)

This is Andrew petting a bat ray. They were really cool and really fun to pet.

This is me after the shipwrek ride. Eventhough we had a huge poncho covering our whole bodies and heads, we still somehow got soaked. Oh well, it was fun.

As we were walking through the park, we saw a couple of bunnies just sitting in a small grassy area. Andrew loves animals and tried to see how close he could get. He got closer than this but this was a better picture :)

This was one of the neatest parts of the day. We were heading out of the park and the only thing I really hadn't done was to see the orcas in their underwater viewing area. We had seen the show but I wanted to see them up close. It was a few minutes past closing and I was scared that they would close off the exhibit, but we got lucky...really lucky. There were hardly any people there and we were able to watch two amazing whales that really enjoyed the people staring at them. It was really fascinating to see how much they liked to interact with people. Out of all the animals in the park that we stared at, none of them willingly came over and itneracted with us. These whales would see you and come right over to you. WOW!

This was really neat. This whale would come down to me and follow my hands, etc. then go up for air and come right back down to where I was. It was such a neat experience. I don't remember this from prefious visits. It was a great close to our day.


My mom threw me a baby shower while I was visiting my home in CA. After going through all of my presents afterwards she said that since I got so many cute clothes (most of which she bought if you read my previous blog) I should lay them all out and take a picture. When we got back home I started to organize them into her drawers and realized I hadn't taken a picture so, I got the camera out and tried to lay them all out...only they didn't all fit into one shot. Below are the multiple shots that I had to take to get "most" of the clothes in. After the clothing shoot, I realized there were still a bunch of outfits we had stuffed into Andrews suitcase that missed their opportunity. You can just imagine how spoiled she is going to be. Good thing she won't have memories of it :)


The Morgan Family said...

how fun to get all those cute clothes! I bet you can't wait for her to come now so you can try them on her. Your pregnant belly is so cute!

kkrich said...

hey next time you come into my territory u should really take advantage of the fact that i get free fabulous food everywhere! and shawna said she had a blast at your shower in lancrapper- can u believe she might be on a mission in less than a month!?!!

The Lewis Family said...

That is so fun that you guys went to sea world, we were there last july, Jasmin loved it, so I am sure it will be fun for you new bundle of joy. Babies really do love animals and animals seem to love them back so it is perfect. The hogle zoo is fun too, the orangatangs (sp?) loved Jasmin, we had a season pass during her first year. the would totally interact with her and us. I totally miss ca poppies :) Were we lived up north they were everywhere too, so I totally love your pictures amongst the poppies :)

The Lewis Family said...

I promise I can spell... sorry for the many typos in the previous post, I blame one hand typing and sleep deprivation :)

casey and justine said...

I'm so glad you have a blog, which by the way is super cute. :) I will for sure keep in touch. Where are you all living now? the cottage house (from what I could see) looks super sweet.