Friday, May 16, 2008

One project completed

While shopping with my mom at a bunch of craft stores we picked up some materials to make some baby headbands. Since our visit was so busy and full we didn't get time to make them so she sent the stuff back with me. A couple days ago I bought a hot glue gun and finally got around to making them. They were surprisingly REALLY easy and fast to make. I think they turned out pretty cute and can't wait to put them on the real thing. I guessed on the measurements so hopefully they won't be too small :) I just looked up the average measurement for a baby's head and went off of that. I think it was around 14-16 inches at birth. Does anyone have a different story for baby's head measurements?


Nanna said...

Oh those are gonna be soo cute cort!
By the way I can't remember if I texted you, I'm going to PERU!

kkrich said...

head-band crazy! how many does the kid need. honestly?

haha just kidding ya- they are cute and u are so crafty!

Breanna said...

Oh my gosh, less than one month left!!

CK Morgan said...

Those are adorable! What a good idea. Can't wait until I have a girl now :). I can't believe you are getting to be less than a month away. How are you feeling? I still have your gift. It's been sitting by my front door for like two weeks now. Hopefully one day I'll get up there :)