Thursday, July 10, 2008

Life with baby Zoey

Life has been more than wonderful with our new baby. Sometimes it's overwhelming how much love you can have for one little person. We love her so much; everyday I find myself astonished at how perfect and CUTE and loveable she is. I usually talk to myself and say, "oh my gosh! you are so beautiful". Life is wonderful having two people to love so much. It does come with challenges however but it's all worth it. Last Friday was 4th of July and we really didn't have anything to do. Andrews family was mostly all out of town and we were both pretty tired. We ended up driving up the street to "papa's lot" (andrew's dad's land up on the hill used for family gatherings). It was a perfect view for fireworks; you can see the whole valley and basically every firework show. They're not that close but it's fun to watch the whole city celebrate. Andrew made the comment that it's pretty sophisticated that the whole United States comes together to celebrate on the same night. Anyways, Zoey wore her fourth of July outfit with her bib that her aunt Heather bought for her. I am glad she was born in time to wear it! She almost didn't make it and I'm pretty sure a 12 month old couldn't fit into a newborn outfit. Good timing Zoey. So there are a couple pictures below from the night. I also put one of Andew holding the babe in the hospital. He loves her so much.

I love how she bundles like this. She really is a bundle of love.

She does this face a lot. I think it's SO cute. She's like confused or something :)


kkrich said...

oh my heck she is such a cute babY!!!!

The Lewis Family said...

ha! WE were worried Jasmin might think her name is beautiful since we told her she was since the day she was born. Zoey might have the same problem because she totally is and it just seems right to call a baby by what it is :)
Let us know if you need anything!

Rachel and Todd said...

Your family is adorable. You're right Zoey is BEAUTIFUL! I feel the same way about my little babe--he makes life so wonderful. Isn't it funny how entertaining these little people can be?

Liji and Christina Waite said...

She is so perfect. Can't waite to hold her!!

dallin said...

hi miss her so much

Breanna said...

hey I am posting all the pictures on facebook that mom took, but I only have half of them right now.