Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pictures of Zoey

Her first Sunday outfit. She looked too cute and slept all the way through church.
This is what Zoey does while mom gets ready :)
I love this picture with her daddy.
This is the Olsen Hawaii reunion shirt. They got one for Zoey eventhough she wasn't born yet. I cut it out and sewed it into a dress. She looks very cute in it.
Zoey's blessing, July 13th, 2008.
The bow just matched so well.
My sweet baby girl.
Her face is adorable


The Lewis Family said...

For fun! Thanks for the update. She is too cute!

The Lewis Family said...

Random q., so I was surfing your blogs that you link, and found the Casey and Justine Nelson one... how do you know them?

I went to school with Casey back in the SF High days and had the BIGGEST crush on that kid. Talk about random small world :)

The Lewis Family said...

Jana, from ( I talk to her on facebook, though I don't know her ) just told me that Monday's steal of the day will be signing time ( steals of the day are at least 50% off of retail ) There will only be 8 baby signing time videos and then there is 100 each of the signing time volumes 1-3. If you don't already have them and are thinking of getting them, Monday at 9 AM is the time to get them :) She puts one steal a day on her site, and the steal is announced at 9 AM each morning. Just thought I would pass on the info :)

Shawnanana said...

I love the one with her daddy! Thanks for posting more pics~!

CK Morgan said...

cute pictures! Where did you get that thing that turns the baby bathtub into a little seat? We have that same bathtub (i hope that's a bathtub or I'll feel really dumb) and she just looks so comfortable in there! I love all her cute clothes!

Mandy said...

We love to see pictures of ZIZY