Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Overload of Fall Fun!

Brittany and Zeoy

Grammy and Zoey

Dallin and Zoey (she likes how he holds her :)

Grandpa and Zoey making faces at each other during Scot's football game.

Caramel apples, yum!

Pumpkin head

Pumpkin patch

Aunty Karlie and Zoey

Cute smile

Mommy and Zoey

Bear Bottom :)

Zoey helping us make bread

Zoey's first halloween candy

Ward Halloween party


Breanna said...

Okay, Zoey looks really cute as a cowgirl, BUT, I'm a little sad because she is chewing on stuff, which means she is growing up. And I haven't seen her in forever!! I might as well get her a tricycle for Christmas, she is growing up too fast!! By the way, you should be getting the "cort's couture" stuff tomorrow, and I put in some stuff for zoey.

kkrich said...

i love your kid seriously! tell brittany hi for me! i always liked that sister of yours.

Polly said...

What great pictures. I'm so glad I got to meet Zoey. She's amazing. Also, I am now craving one of those caramel apples.

The Lewis Family said...

what? no ghost?

The Lewis Family said...

Is that the vineyard pumpkin land? If so, we went there too :)