Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Things from my phone

I finally got the things off of my phone and onto the computer. There are so many times when I don't have my camera but really want to video/take a picture of something. Even though it is horrible quality, you still get the picture. So, most of the things are pretty random but I thought they were cute. So far these videos are the only ones of Zoey laughing that I have. Anytime the real video camera comes out she stops laughing :( I tried to put these in order but it just didn't work out. Anyways, there are explanations to each picture, enjoy! I think I'm posting these just so they don't sit on my phone uselessly taking up space. Now they have some type of meaning to them.
This was about 6 weeks ago when we were visiting my family in CA. She had smiled before but this is one of the first pictures of it. Pretty cute.

I'm not sure when this was, but it's pretty good quality for a cheep camera phone.

Zoey has learned how to stand up on dad's hand.

This was taken yesterday in the car. She was in a really cute mood.

This of course, was when she was first born. The yawn is so cute.

She was a cutie the moment she popped out.

Cute little body.

Her chubbier days. I kind of miss them.

The blanket I made as one of the projects while awaiting Zoey's birth.

The nasty fat, long earth warms that are in the dirt as you approach our front door. They seriously are like two feet long. If you touch them they will suddenly (like a rubberband) snap back into the ground. They're weird.

Gross picture of me, I know. This was a day or two before my due date. Andrew took me on a really bumpy drive up American Fork canyon to silver lake (i think that's the name). It was gorgeous up there and no, it didn't help me go into labor. But, this is the last picture I have of me pregnant. I don't even remember looking that big...weird.

Just another cute picture of Zoey in the hospital.

During winter semester there were a lot of birthday's for the nieces and nephews. Many of them took place at Chuck E Cheeses. It was pretty fun. I mostly helped the little ones get tickets and prizes.

Danny and Jacob being silly.

Savannah and all her prizes.

Andrew took this picture. It was a sick day for me :( morning sickness that is. I was at my internship and basically this is what I looked like through my whole pregnancy..really sick.

Andrew and me at our ward halloween party. He likes dressing up like this. He's been it every halloween since I've know him (it's a ghost if you can't tell :) This was the first day of morning sickness....yuck! I made my dress and apron without a pattern....the dress ended up ripping before the night was over :( I think I needed a pattern.

This is another sick day. It was at Britt's apartment before she got married. Oranges were one of the VERY few things I could get down me (not saying it didn't eventually come up, but atleast I could swallow it).

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