Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Some fun pictures

So, here are some pictures I have finally gotten around to posting. They are in no paticular order and are just some cute ones since the last ones I've posted. Currently our family is visiting with my family in CA. It's a much needed break from Ely, NV. We are just relaxing and are planning on attending our niece, Esther's baptism in San Diego on Sat. Hope all our friends and family are doing well. I will try to blog more often. Zoey weighs 14 lbs and is really cute. She has already opened her Valentine presents from Grammy, Aunty Breanna, and Aunty Karlie. She got a new dress, pj's, and toys. What fun it must be to be a baby :)

Another winter coat Zoey got for Christmas.

I love this picture of Zoey with her cousin Christian. They are gonna be buddies. He's two months older than her and very very handsome.

Just had to get a snow picture in one of her three snow outfits. 

Zoey has got to be the best eater in the world :) Anytime food comes close to her mouth she opens really really wide and just sits there with her mouth stretched open until you put the food in. Sometimes she gets mad when I delay just to see her mouth stay open. Sorry baby!
Grammy and Zoey during Christmas.

Our Christmas PJ's. I like this picture of us.

This is a nativity set I made for my sister, Britt for Christmas. I also made one for my mother in law. It was fun to do something crafty again. I made it with Sculpy clay. It's definitely not perfect but it's got character right :/

Her PJ's were so cute on her. They even have that good ol fashioned bum flap that buttons up

Well I hardly ever post a picture of just me but here's one. Not the most flattering but there ya go :)


And, Lizzy, Doyle, Logan, and Andy said...

Hey Courtney! I do live in Utah! I moved to Salt Lake in December! I want to come see you and your cute Zoey! Call me if you are ever going to Salt Lake 805-280-1929.

Mandy said...

Awwwwwwww! We miss you guys so much!

Jake & Rachel said...

Holy Cow, Zoey only weighs 14 lbs?! I guess she is younger than Brynn and you are quiet a bit 'tinier' than me ;) I love the bum flap pj's!