Sunday, August 23, 2009

Welcome Baby Caleb!

Zoey's newest cousin arrived on August 17th. He is absolutely adorable and I was so glad we were in UT to meet him. His name is Caleb and he is the 7th child in his family. Congratulations to the Ellis family! Oh and he is the 56th grandchild to Mel and Nancy. What a blessing it is to have so many best friends. I really have loved being a part of this family. Here are some words to describe 24/7 literally, crazy, food, Nanny's house, Papa's lot, baptisms, ordinations, missions, vacations, business ventures, BABIES :), friends, birthday parties, any party, games at night, movie nights, girls nights out, girls weekends out, park dates, barbeques, "who left the gate open!", sleepovers at Nanny's, living at Nanny's, family reunions, camping trips, frozen lemonades, homemade salsa, chuck-e-cheeses, the biggest thanksgiving ever, front flips, back flips, any kind of flip, trampolines, jump on it, and the list goes on. Little Caleb is so blessed to have been born into this family. He already has 55 permanent friends just waiting to watch him grow up.

Big sister (and cute at that) Savannah with Baby Caleb, 2 days old.

He really is so precious and cute. It makes me want a baby boy!

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