Thursday, June 9, 2011

Baby Shower

I deleted my last blog post because I felt like I was complaining too much. Sorry for those that really wanted to read it :) To sum it up, I am very uncomfortable. period.

Anyways, again to catch up...while I was visiting in CA my mom and sisters threw me a baby shower. It was very nice of them and the friends and family that came. I got some really cute things that I am really grateful for. Here are a few pictures.

Zoey and Jane got presents from Aunty Breanna

matching tutu swimsuits :)

Love my big girl!

I was so happy to get one of Karylee's blankets!

It was fairly early (10am) on a Saturday so we had a brunch shower. My mom made the most delicious french toast casserole and super yummy quiches. mmmmm!

Pretty tulips, I love tulips

These cupcakes my mom made were SO stinkin cute. She has this book with a bunch of yummy cupcake recipes. I especially love the cute liners.

Thank you mom and sisters!

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