Sunday, August 21, 2011

Busy few weeks

Life has really been busy this past month. I guess it all started with the birth of our sweet baby boy. A week later we were attending wedding festivities in UT. While down there my dear grandpa passed away (July 29th.) It was something expected and honestly a quite happy occasion as he is now reunited with his eternal companion. The funeral services for him weren't scheduled until August 12th (two weeks later) so we headed back to ID and got about a week and a half of rest before heading out to Ely, NV for the funeral. We got there Thursday evening, the night before the funeral. The funeral was very nice and it was SO nice to be able to visit with cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. We stayed until Saturday and decided to drive back by way of UT to stay at Andrew's parents for a few days. A few days after being in UT we were made aware of the state of Andrew's grandpa Olsen. He lives in Orem, UT and has also been living without his wife for sometime now. His health had gone downhill and this past Tuesday he became pretty unresponsive and somewhat unconscious. He passed away Thursday morning and the funeral services for him are being held today and tomorrow. It has also been a really neat experience just to be around family that we rarely get to see. Both men were seriously amazing examples and lived lives to be proud of. I can't even imagine the joy that must be felt right now on the other side of the veil as both worthy men are greeting their spouses and other family members. Love these great men!

I will be posting a lot of pictures later. I am so behind. I especially need to post pictures of Zoey's third birthday. All in due time. I am enjoying this time with family while I can.

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