Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pictures from Grandpa Kenyon's funeral

I have so many pictures of Jane like this but I just love every one.

Aunt Britt and Janey

Left to Right: Lily, Josh, Zoey, Maia, Azlan. Great grandchildren of Karl and Zoe Kenyon

Breanna holding Thomas and Scott. We were laughing because it looks like a family picture :)

Playing by the creek at our family picnic.

Group shot.

Family shot...not my best but pretty cute of the kids :)

Classic watermelon shot

Thomas and Logan fast asleep. They are second cousins??? I am cousins with Logan's dad so whatever that makes it.

By the way Zoey thinks "picnics" are "picnits" :) I don't correct her because there are very few words miss smarty pants mispronounces.

About half the gang.

Jane contemplating...I believe this is a distant relative of mine.

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Laura said...

Such fun pictures! I LOVE how Jane was "reading" the headstone; your family is such fun to be around!
Sorry to hear about Andrew's grandfather; but so glad that he has been reunited with his sweetheart! Such happiness for both grandparents, I'm sure!!!