Friday, April 4, 2008

Just passing the time

Today is Friday and while I should be doing a really long paper for my community organization class, I have decided that I would rather fiddle around and make another post. Last week sometime, I was really getting into the spring mood with the bit of sunshine we've had around here. So, Andrew and I went to a close by park and brought a BBQ (so we wouldn't have to buy coals and wait for them to heat). Plus, I was really hungry and fresh hamburgers have just really sounded good to me lately :) Unfortunately the weather turned cold and it didn't feel as "picnicy" as I wanted it to feel. Oh well, better luck next time. I still had fun and thoroughly enjoyed my hamburger...I am getting really hungry again.

My Andrew sure is a cutie

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Michelle R. said...

Hey Cortney. I love the pictures. :) We're setting our blog on private, so if you want an invite just let me know which email you want me to send it to. Glad things are going well!